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Jaco Aerospace Specifications Index

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TAPS 1123 TT-E-485F Type 4 TT-L-54
TAPS 1163 TT-E-488B Type 1 TT-l-54C (Type 1 Black)
TAPS 1163 Type IV TT-E-488B Type 2 TT-l-54C (Type 2 White)
TEK00-0161MT TT-E-488B Type 3 TT-l-58D (Pigmented) Cl. 1 gloss, Cl 2 semi-gloss
Tested in accordance with UL 723 TT-E-489 TT-L-58D (Type 1 Clear)
Tested in accordance with UL 723 Flame Spread Index 0 Smoke Development Index 0 TT-E-489G (Type 1 Bulk) TT-M-00261D
Tested in accordance with UL 723 FSI 0; SDI 0 TT-E-489G (Type 2 Aerosol) TT-M-261
Tested in accordance with UL 723 FSI 0; SDI 10 TT-E-490E TT-M-268C
Tested in accordance with UL 723 FSI 10; SDI 10 TT-E-496B (Type 2 Only) TT-N-95
Tested in accordance with UL 723 FSI 5; SDI 5 TT-E-515 TT-N-95, Type II
Tested in accordance with UL 723; Flame Spread Index 5; Smoke Development Index 5 TT-E-515A TT-N-95B
Tested in accordance with UL 723; FSI 5/SDI 10 TT-E-516A TT-N-97B
Tested in accordance with UL 723; FSI 5; SDI 0 TT-E-522A (Type 2 Semi Gloss) TT-P-1757
TH 33.0140 TT-E-527 TT-P-1757 (MIL-P-8585)
TH 33.0150 Ty 1, Cl B TT-E-527, Type II TT-P-1757A, Type I
TH 33.0150 Ty 3 TT-E-527C (Air Dry) TT-P-25E
TH 5.705 3 TT-E-527c (Bake Dry) TT-P-28
TH 5.711 TT-E-529, Type I TT-P-28G
TH 5.721/1 TT-E-529, Type II TT-P-636D
TH 5.721/5 TT-E-529F (Type 1 Air Dry) TT-P-645A
TH 5.721/6 TT-E-529F (Type 2 Bake Dry) TT-P-645B
This double-sided film tape is ideally suited for mounting banners, light signs, window blinds, emblems, and nameplates. It can also be used where permanent bonding or attachment is required, including POP displays and laminating materials. TT-E-52A (Type 1 Flat) TT-P-664C
TN A.007.10012 G Topcoat TT-L-20 TT-R-2918
TN A.007.10106 B Type I TT-L-20A TT-R-2918A
TN A.007.10113 I Gr A TT-L-26 TT-S-1543
TN A.007.10158 TT-l-26B TT-S-171
TT-98C (Cl. 1) TT-L-32 TT-S-1732
TT-A-580 TT-L-32A TT-T-266D
TT-C-2114 TT-L-50 TT-V-109
TT-C-490 (Type 3 Only) TT-l-50G (Type 1) TT-V-109C
TT-C-520B TT-l-50G (Type 2) TT-V-119D
TT-E-458F Type 2 TT-l-50G (Type 3)

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