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Aircraft Rubber

Offering a huge selection of aircraft rubber from leading manufacturers, Jaco Aerospace is your first stop for all types of aviation rubber with the highest quality standards. We provide an extensive array of aircraft rubber for all types of aviation needs. Some of the aircraft rubber we sell includes sponge rolls, open cell stripping, heavy sheeting, coated fabrics, sheet rubber, chloroprene, commercial silicone, pure gum floating and much, much more.

We offer rubber in roll form, sheet form and extruded rubber. We also work with leading manufactures to make custom rubber gaskets and other rubber products from drawings and plans.

With same day shipping available on many rubber products, you can receive your aircraft rubber as early as tomorrow morning, no matter where you are located. We offer the fastest RFQ turnaround time in the industry, handling all requests large and small quickly, and with efficiency and accuracy. Our huge stock of aircraft rubber means that we can ship out most items today, so that you can get the aviation products you need to run your business with precision and without and delays in your production schedule.

Many of our aircraft rubber products are listed online, however if you do not see the type of rubber that you need, please call our team of expert sales agents today. We will help you locate the aircraft rubber that you need and also provide information on our guaranteed products. For more assistance on our aircraft rubber or any of our aviation products, please call 1 (626) 855-2870 today.

Jaco Aerospace offers a wide array of Rubber solutions for Aerospace applications to Boeing and Airbus specifications. We work with leading manufacturers who adhere to the highest quality standards. Some of the more common types of rubber we offer are:

Common Types of Rubber we Offer
Chloroprene per ASTM-D-2000 Chloroprene- Super Thin
Cloth Inserted Sheet Silicone (Red) Commercial
Closed Cell Sponge Sheets Electrically Conductive Sheet
High Grade Commercial Neoprene High Grade Commercial Neoprene
Unblended Fluoroelastomer Sheet Sheet Rubber, Full Roll, Cut Lengths, etc.
Open Cell Stripping High Grade BUNA-N
Pure Gum Floating Diaphragm Sheet
Heavy Sheeting Coated Fabrics
Sponge Rolls Sheet Rubber
EPDM Sheet EPDM per ASTM-D-2000 CA
Commercial Silicone Fluoroelastomer - Commercial Grade
EPDM- Commercial Grade Chloroprene 51% - Commercial Grade
ECOPRENE with General Purpose Fabric Insert ECOPRENE (LOW Chloroprene Content)
EPDM- Commercial Grade with General Purpose Fabric Insert
Chloroprene - Commercial Grade 1500 PSI Tensile with General Purpose Fabric Insert
Chloroprene - Commercial Grade 1500 Tensile (Per ASTM Slab Test)
Chloroprene 51% - Commercial Grade with General Purpose Fabric Insert
Chloroprene per ASTM-D-2000 with 5oz Nylon Fabric Insert

Aircraft Rubber

Common Rubber Specifications
A-A-59588 1A & 1B AMS-3212 AMS-3241
A-A-59588 2A & 2B AMS-3213 AMS-3260
A-A-59588 Class 3A AMS-3214 AMS-3301
A-A-59588 Class 3B AMS-3215 AMS-3302
AMS-3200 AMS-3220 AMS-3303
AMS-3202 AMS-3222 AMS-3304
AMS-3204 AMS-3227 AMS-3332
AMS-3207 AMS-3238 AMS-3345
AMS-3209 AMS-3240 AMS-7276
ASTM-D2000-M1BC810 HH-G-156 TY-2 GR-55 MIL-PRF-2765E
ASTM-D2000-M1BG407 HH-G-156 TY-3 GR-80 MIL-R-15624 CL-1
ASTM-D2000-M1BG507 MIL-G-1149 TY-2 CL-1 65 MIL-R-15624 CL-3
ASTM-D2000-M1BG607 MIL-G-1149 TY-2 CL-2 MIL-R-2765
ASTM-D2000-M1BG707 MIL-G-1149 TY-2 CL-5 MIL-R-3065
ASTM-D2000-M1BG807 MIL-G-22050 GR-1 MIL-R-3065
ASTM-D-2000-M1CA407 MIL-G-22050 GR-1 MIL-R-3533 TY-2 GRB
ASTM-D-2000-M1CA510 MIL-PRF-1149 TY-1 Class 2 MIL-R-6855 CL-2 TY-A
ASTM-D-2000-M1CA610 MIL-PRF-1149 TY-1 Class 5 MIL-R-6855 Class 1 Grade 40
ASTM-D-2000-M1CA710 MIL-PRF-15624 CL-1 MIL-R-6855 Class 1 Grade 50
ASTM-D-2000-M1CA810 MIL-PRF-15624 CL-3 MIL-R-6855 Class 1 Grade 60
ZZ-R-765 Class 3A AMS-7278 ASTM-D2000-M1BC810
ZZ-R-765 Class 3B AMS-7280 MIL-R-6855 Class 1 Grade 70
MIL-R-7362 TY-1 & 2 AMS-R-6855 Class 1 MIL-R-6855 Class 1 Grade 80
MIL-R-83248 TY-1 CL-1 AMS-R-6855 Class 2 Mil-R-6855 Class 2
MIL-R-83248 TY-2 CL-1 AMS-R-6855 Class 3 Mil-R-6855 Class 3
MIL-R-900 AMS-R-6855 Class 4 Mil-R-6855 Class 4
ZZ-R-765 Class 1A &1B ASTM-D2000-M1BC610 ASTM-D2000-M1BC710
ZZ-R-765 Class 2A & 2B    
JACO Aerospace Products
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