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Aircraft Plastics, Mil-Spec Materials

Since 1971, Jaco has been supplying a wide array of raw plastic materials to the Aerospace Industry.

You'll find an extensive selection of aircraft plastics when you shop with Jaco Aerospace, one of the world's top providers of aviation products and plastics. We offer a full range of aircraft plastics from leading manufacturers and retain a large inventory of items in stock and ready to be shipped to you today.

We supply many types of raw plastic materials that are used for a variety of purposes in the aircraft industry. Some of the aircraft plastics we provide include spiral tubing, plastic tubing, plastic sheets, plastic rods, plastic films, Melinex material, rolled plastic, lexan sheets and more. Used for everything from seatbacks and galleys to overhead bins, walls and window coverings, aircraft plastics are essential items for any aircraft.

Along with our huge inventory of aircraft plastics, we also offer expert advice on aviation supplies, for orders both large and small. If you don’t see the type of aircraft plastics that you are looking for on our website, give us a call and one of our experienced sales representatives will help you locate the products that you need. Our staff can assist you in finding the kind, size and brand of aircraft plastics you are looking for at the lowest price available, and we can ship it right to your doorstep as early as tomorrow morning. For more assistance with our huge selection of aviation products, please call 1 (626) 855-2870 at your convenience.

Our huge inventory and vast knowledge enables us to assist you with your simplest to most complex Aerospace Plastics needs.

Some of the more popular materials we offer:

Plastic Categories
Aircraft Grade Acrylic
Aircraft Grade Acrylic
Phenolic Sheets
Spiral Tubing Extruded Tubing Boltaron Sheets
Delrin Sheets and Rod Ensolite Material
Kapton Film
Lexan Sheets Kydex Materials L-P-509 Phenolic
Grade CE Phenolic Sheets NEMA N-1 Nylon Phenolic Nomex Honeycomb
Phenolic Grade L (Linen) Phenolic Grade X (Paper) Stretched Acrylic
Tefzel Sheets and Rods Phenolic Grade LE Sheets and Rods Grade C Phenolic Canvas Sheets
Kapton Tape Melinex Films Heat Shrink Tubing

Mil-Spec Plastics

Need a plastic material you don't see here? Do you need pricing?
Please call us at 626-855-2870 or E-mail us at [email protected].

Plastic Military Specifications
MIL-P-77, MIL-P-80 MIL-P-78A MIL-P-79C MIL-I-631
MIL-I-742C MIL-P-997C MIL-Y-1140E MIL-P-3054A
MIL-P-3088 MIL-P-31158 MIL-P-3158C MIL-I-3190B
MIL-I-3825A MIL-P-4640A MIL-P-54258 MIL-P-5431A
MIL-P-62848 MlL-I-74448 MIL-I-7798A MIL-P-8059A
MIL-P-8184 MIL-P-8257 MIL-P-8587A MIL-P-8655A
MIL-P-9969 MIL-P-13436A MIL-P-13491 MIL-P-13949D
MIL-I-22129C MIL-P-22241A MIL-P-22241 MIL-P-22242
MIL-P-22270 MIL-P-22296 MIL-P-22324A MIL-T-22742
MIL-P-22748A MIL-I-23053A MIL-T-23142 MIL-P-23536
MIL-I-23594A MIL-I-24204 MIL-P-24191 MIL-I-24768
MIL-P-25374A MIL-P-25395A MIL-P-25421A MIL-P-25518A
MIL-P-25690A MIL-P-25770A MIL-P-26692 MIL-P-27538
MIL-P-40619 MIL-P-43037 MIL-T-43036 MIL-P-43081
MIL-P-43036 MIL-P-46040A MIL-P-46041 MIL-P-46060
MIL-P-46112 MIL-P-46115 MIL-P-46120 MIL-P-46122
MIL-P-14591B MIL-P-15035C MIL-P-15037E MIL-P-15047B
MIL-P-15126F MIL-P-16413 MIL-P-16414 MIL-P-16416
MIL-P-17091B MIL-P-17276 MIL-P-17549C MIL-P-18057A
MIL-P-18080 MIL-P-18177C MIL-P-18324C MIL-N-18352
MIL-I-19166A MIL-P-19336C MIL-P-19468A MIL- P-19735B
MIL-P-19833B MIL-P-19904 MIL-M-20693A MIL-P-21094A
MIL-P-21105C MIL-P-21347B MIL-M-21470 MIL-I-21557B
MIL-P -21922A MIL-P-22035 MIL-P-22076A MIL-P-22096A
MIL-I-18622A MIL-I-18748A MIL-M-19098 MIL-I-19161A
MIL-P-46129 MIL-P-46131 MIL-P-52189 MIL-P-55010
MIL-P-81390 MIL-P-82540    

Phenolic Specifications
MIL-I-24768/1 (GME) Glass Melamine Laminate MIL-I-24768/2 (GEE) G-10 Glass Epoxy Laminate
MIL-I-24768/3 (GEB) G-11 Glass Epoxy Laminate MIL-I-24768/4 (GPO-1) Glass Polyester Laminate
MIL-I-24768/4 (GPO-1) Glass Polyester Laminate MIL-I-24768/5 (GPO-2) Glass Polyester Laminate
MIL-I-24768/5 (GPO-2) Glass Polyester Laminate MIL-I-24768/6 (GPO-3) Glass Polyester Laminate
MIL-I-24768/7 (GTE) Glass Teflon Laminate MIL-I-24768/8 (GMG) G-5 Glass Melamine Laminate
MIL-I-24768/9 (NPG) Nylon Fabric Phenolic Laminate MIL-I-24768/10 (PBE) Paper Base XXX Phenolic Laminate
MIL-I-24768/11 (PBG) Paper Base XX Phenolic Laminate MIL-I-24768/12 (PBM) Paper Base X Phenolic Laminate
MIL-I-24768/13 (FBE) Cotton LE Phenolic Laminate MIL-I-24768/14 (FBG) Cotton CE Phenolic Laminate
MIL-I-24768/15 (FBI) Cotton L Phenolic Laminate MIL-I-24768/16 (FBM) Cotton C Phenolic Laminate
MIL-I-24768/17 (GSG) G-7 Glass Silicone Laminate MIL-I-24768/18 (GPG) G-3 Glass Phenolic Laminate
MIL-I-24768/19 (PBM-P) Paper Phenolic Laminate MIL-I-24768/20 (PBM-PC) Paper Phenolic Laminate
MIL-I-24768/21 (PBG-P) Paper Phenolic Laminate MIL-I-24768/22 (PBE-P) Paper Phenolic Laminate
MIL-I-24768/23 (PBE-PC) Paper Phenolic Laminate MIL-I-24768/24 (PBM-PF) Paper Phenolic Laminate
MIL-I-24768/25 (PBE-PCF) Paper Phenolic Laminate MIL-I-24768/26 (PEE) Paper Epoxy Laminate
MIL-I-24768/27 (GEE-F) G-10/FR-4 Glass Epoxy Laminate MIL-I-24768/28 (GEB-F) Glass Epoxy Laminate
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