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Aircraft Raw Materials

Many aerospace materials go into maintaining an aircraft. All these raw materials can be supplied with reasonable shipping times from Jaco Aerospace.


There are a host of plastics that go into an aircraft. It is imperative to get the suitable plastic for the right job. Jaco Aerospace supplies plastic material used in aircraft parts, can help you find the right product for your plane, and can cut it to your specifications. We can even order specialty aircraft plastics. With Jaco, you can buy the right raw plastic material for your project, from fixing window shades to tray tables, overhead bins, and many other components.


Believe it or not, some aircraft also require wooden materials for maintenance and for interior pieces. It is important to order this wood from a reputable aircraft supply merchant. Jaco can supply the correct wood for the job and cut these wooden aircraft materials to your specifications.


Jaco Aerospace also stocks almost every type of industrial aviation rubber necessary for safer aircraft maintenance. We offer rubber sheeting, tubing, adhesive-backed rubber, and more for both unique jobs and general maintenance. The rubber products we offer are sourced, manufactured, and supplied by our experts with extremely quick turnaround times.


Commercial aircraft paper materials are also important for many aircraft components. Whether you are painting, spraying, or performing general service of the aircraft, there is always a need for high-grade paper. Jaco has the widest range of the highest-quality papers for sale online for all of your aerospace material needs.


Metals are perhaps the most necessary raw material needed for aircraft maintenance. The specifications and sizes of these metals will vary a great deal. It is essential to work with an experienced aircraft supply team, like Jaco’s, who will get you the right aerospace materials with the right specs the first time.


From aircraft seats to curtains to many other things that you might not think of, fabrics are necessary components of an aircraft. It is important to get the right fabrics so that you can keep your aircraft safe. Jaco has all of the fabrics you need, including military-standard (mil-spec) fabrics and options in numerous colors and styles. We even have the ability to supply custom aircraft fabrics.

For more assistance with our raw airplane materials or any of our products, please email [email protected] to learn more or make a purchase.

Types of Aerospace and Aircraft Raw Materials