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Biolinkis is a renowned supplier of tapes and adhesives to the aerospace industry and other high-performance fields. Their tapes are highly customizable, which is vital in the aviation industry, where many tapes must be custom-made for specific jobs. Thus, Biolink’s tapes are perfect for unique tasks.

Biolink’s tapes and adhesives for the aerospace industry are approved by Airbus, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of aircraft. Airbus prizes Biolink tapes because they are easy to use and durable and can be removed without leaving residue or damage behind.

Biolink also offers a range of tapes for the building industry as well as high-end adhesives for windows and façade application. These solvent-free, environmentally friendly tapes and adhesives are suitable for everything from winter garden construction to exterior design. As with Biolink’s aircraft tapes and products, these high-performance building tapes are created with an impeccable level of quality.

As a leader in the aerospace industry supply chain, Jaco Aerospace distributes Biolink tapes and adhesives and has extensive knowledge of the Biolink range of products and how they can add efficiency to your work projects. Contact us today for assistance with your online order or to get expert recommendations on other materials.

Biolink tapes meet the following specifications: ABS5648B019, ABS5648B025, ABS5648B030, ABS5648B050     

Prolink 130R

Prolink 130R is a high-performance, transparent, pure acrylate film. This flexible transfer tape is specially designed for applications on metals, glass, high-energy plastics, and ceramics where resistance to high temperatures and shear is critical.

The bonding strength increases over time and guarantees excellent bonding quality.

  • PE: paper, white, both sides siliconized; weight: 120 g/m
  • Pure acrylate coat weight: 130 g/m²

This product has been qualified according to AIMS 10-05-022 and AIMS 10-05-026. It can be procured according to ABS 5768C and ABS 5768E. The consumable material list numbers of Airbus are IPS 10-05-022-02 and IPS 10-05-026-02.

Relink 2318

The adhesive tapes historically used for carpet fixation were not explicitly designed for aircraft, so they cannot and do not fulfill all of the criteria that airlines, OEMs, carpet manufacturers, and MRO companies want and need. Ordinary carpet tapes usually perform poorly when used in the commercial and industrial aerospace industries, which can incur significant additional costs.

Other problems include:

  • Carpet lifting at edges due to poor adhesion, creating a need for extra edge protection
  • Poor adhesion to the carpet backing, causing carpet waves
  • Little or no ability to reposition tape during installation
  • Drop in performance toward the end of the MRO cycle
  • Difficulty of application and handling in hotter climates
  • Less dimensionally stable and more difficult to handle and apply (in scrim-reinforced products)
  • Time-consuming, two-stage removal; first the carpet, then the tape
  • Delamination of the floor panel surface layer during tape removal
  • Adhesive residue on the floor panel after removal, requiring additional cleanup time
  • Damage to the floor panel surface during residue removal
  • Often made from ingredients indicated on the gray list, including antimontrioxyde
  • Plasticizers in carpet backing can migrate into the tape adhesive, breaking down the mass and creating performance and residue issues.

The solution is Relink 2318, which is not your ordinary carpet tape.

Airbus conducted exhaustive comparative testing and concluded that Relink 2318 was the product the company would approve, recommend, and use (AIMS 10-05-014, issue 4, ABS 5648B, issue 11, IPS 10-05-014-01, issue 4, CML-08-118).

Airbus and many airlines, carpet producers, and MRO companies now choose Relink 2318 for these benefits and cost savings:

  • High and secure adhesion to a vast variety of carpet backings; no edge lift or waves
  • Differentiated adhesive mass on each side
  • No requirement for edge protection of floor panels
  • Possibility of some repositioning during application
  • Long-term, stable, solvent-free acrylic adhesive system
  • Handles well in hotter climates
  • Filmic carrier provides good dimensional stability and easy application
  • One-step removal of carpet and tape together every time
  • Clean-peel, residue-free removal from floor panel surface; no cleanup
  • Plasticizer migration barrier prevents the mass from being broken down
  • Lower in weight than many ordinary carpet tapes
  • Does not contain any ingredients on the gray list

For more information on our Biolink supplies, please contact a Jaco sales representative via email at [email protected].