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Los Angeles Tape Slitting/Converting

With the 2014 acquisition of Tapes Plus,

Jaco is now one of Los Angeles’ and California’s leading tape slitting/converting companies.

We have cutting edge tape slitting capabilities on site in our Pasadena facility. Our expertly trained slitting machine operators have the experience and skill necessary to perform any tape slitting job.



What is the difference between tape slitting and converting?

They’re basically the same.  Slitting is the physical process you perform on a wider roll of tape to convert the tape to smaller widths.  For example, a 60” wide roll of tape can be slit (converted) into thirty, 2” wide rolls.

Types of tape Jaco provides and for which we can provide slitting/conversion:

  • Kapton Tape– Kapton tapes are made from Kapton polyimide film with silicon adhesive. The material is amber colored having temperature resistance as low as -269 degrees Celsius/-452 degrees Fahrenheit, and as high as 260 degrees Celsius/500 degrees Fahrenheit. Kapton tape is commonly used in the horizontal solder leveling process.

  • Pressure Sensitive Tapes – These are adhesive tapes that stick with application pressure, without the need for solvent, heat, or water for activation.  The majority of tapes fall into this category.

  • Foam Tapes – Typically double-sided adhesive tape used for mounting sign plaques, letters, or other sign materials to vertical surfaces. Comes in black or white and in various thicknesses.

  • Double Coated Tapes - A paper, film or tissue with adhesive on both sides that helps improve dimensional stability, handling and dispensing.  Jaco offers a variety of Double Coated tape, including white foam, paper, and permanent polypropylene in clear and opaque.

  • Vinyl Tapes - 5 mil - comes in a variety of standard colors. Yellow, Red, Blue, Brown, Grey, Black, White etc.  Vinyl tape is frequently used for floor marking as well as many other applications.

  • Striped Vinyl Tapes - Composed of a vinyl backing with rubber adhesive, these versatile tapes resist scrapes, wear, and weathering for use in factories, warehouses and parking lots. Available in multiple colors, Green and White, Yellow and black, and red and white. Yellow and Black is the standard for marking "Caution" or "Hazard". We also offer Vinyl tapes with custom lettering, logos, etc.

  • Two Sided Cloth Tape - Used in shows and exhibitions to secure carpeting, this specialty tape can be removed easily when the show is complete.

  • Aircraft Tapes – Aircraft (or “speed”) tape is an aluminized adhesive tape used for minor repairs on aircraft, and as a temporary repair material until a more permanent repair can be carried out. It has an appearance similar to duct tape, with which it is so

  • metimes mistaken, but its adhesive is capable of sticking on an airplane fuselage or wing at high speeds, hence the name.  Jaco offers aircraft tapes from leading suppliers such as 3M, Polyken, Patco, Ideal Tape, Dewal, Shurtape and many more, all available for custom slitting.

  • Blue Polyester Tape with Silicone Adhesive – Commonly used in plating and sometimes powder coating.

  • Flash breaking tape – Double sided high temperature and high tensile polyester films that are coated on both sides with pressure sensitive silicone adhesives. These tapes are used to secure tooling, fabrics, etc., during high temperature, high-pressure applications.

  • Hot Air Solder Leveling Tape - Preferred for use in vertical hot air leveling machines.

  • Silver Duct Tape – The “do-it-all” tape we’re all used to. 

  • ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) Tape – No…this tape does not provide ESD; instead, it is made for use within areas having static sensitive parts. This material does not create static and helps protect those products.

  • PG-21 Masking Tape – IPG’s high performance masking tape. Used where heat may be applied and where clean removal is necessary. In stock in log roll form and available to be cut to any size you may need.
  • Step BackMasking TapeProcess of taking thinner rolls of masking tape and creating a wider-version.  Jaco can provide any sized width; typically 1" material is converted to 4", 5" or 6" rolls.

Custom Quick Turnaround Slitting/Converting Services


Established in 1971, Jaco Aerospace and Industrial is known throughout the industry for our expertise, fair pricing and exceptional service. With the acquisition of Tapes Plus, our slitting/converting abilities are second to none in the Los Angeles, San Diego, and Santa Barbara areas.


For the purchase of any tape listed above – or even for any unique tapes not listed here - we hope you will contact us to discuss the possibilities.


Jaco can often provide samples for testing purposes.


For more information about what Jaco can do for you, please email us at [email protected] or call us at 626-855-2870.

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