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Founded in 1962, the ORCON Corporation was created to meet the complicated needs of the aerospace industry, providing systems and solutions for both military and commercial aircraft. They are one of the world’s largest manufactures of fabricated aviation insulation materials and offer everything from pressure-sensitive tapes to thermal insulation. Today, ORCON tape products are available for a multitude of airplane and jet repair jobs.

ORCOTAPE is the extensive range of tapes produced by ORCON. This family of their products is designed specifically to be pressure-sensitive and reinforced. ORCON’s pressure-sensitive tapes are used for a multitude of functions, including fabrication, installation, and repair. The aerospace industry most commonly uses ORCON tape for the installation of thermal/acoustic systems and proper aircraft ducting. It’s also relied on for aircraft carpeting and a host of other specialty aerospace projects. ORCON, aerospace being its primary function, also has a host of other products and materials, such as ORCOFILM, that were created with the same goal of providing safe and effective insulation solutions.

Unlike with other tape companies, there is really only one industry that is the focus for ORCON: aerospace. So when people are looking for the correct tape to use for aircraft projects, ORCON tape products are often their first choice. ORCOTAPE is approved by the FAA and meets all flammabilitystandards and requirements. Having a tape that meets the standards of the FAA, specifically when it comes to thermal and acoustic insulation systems and floor coverings, is essential. It helps make private, military, and public aircraft safer.

When you need to purchase safe and reliable industrial adhesive products, contact an ORCOTAPE vendor. Jaco Aerospace is a trusted name when it comes to the distribution of high-quality aerospace products. Like ORCON, aerospace is our primary industry and focus. The team at Jaco has a broad and extensive knowledge of the ORCON range of products and tapes and will help you find the correct tape for your need.

ORCON Aerospace Tapes, Films, and Blankets


ORCOTAPE is a line of lightweight, reinforced, pressure-sensitive tapes that are used for fabrication, repair of thermal and acoustic insulation, aircraft carpet installation, and other specialty aerospace applications.


ORCOFILM is ORCON’s brand of lightweight, reinforced insulation covering films. They were specifically designed for aircraft fabrication of thermal acoustic insulation bags and blankets. ORCOFILM products provide a durable and lightweight moisture barrier. Most ORCOFILM products are optimized for heat-sealing, which guarantees their outstanding performance.

  • ¦ ORCOFILM KN-201
  • ¦ ORCOFILM KN-202

Both the ORCOFILM and ORCOTAPE product lines are available in a variety of specifications depending on the level of reinforcement, weight, and substrate material used.

Jaco Aerospace has a huge assortment of ORCON tape products for sale, and we are known for our quick turnaround times. There is no better place to buy ORCON ORCOTAPE or ORCOFILM than at Jaco Aerospace. Contact us online or by phone at 1-888-727-5602 for personal assistance with your order.

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