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Aircraft Protection

Aircraft Protection

Jaco Aerospace offers a wide array of Aircraft Protective Covers. We offers soft and hard Pitot Tube Covers in many sizes. In addition we offer static wick covers, Ice Detector Covers, Pitot Probe Covers, Angle of Vane Covers, Static Port Covers, and Total Air Temperature Covers.

Custom Covers

Our unique custom made aircraft covers are essential for protecting your aircraft all the time, whether parked in a hangar or in colder climates. Our Airline and Private Jet Operator customers find that utilizing our aircraft covers they can save their aircraft from unnecessary FOD (Foreign Object Debris) and adds to the overall life of the aircraft.

Our aircraft covers are custom made to your specifications and are incredibly low priced. We can make them in the color of your choice, and with your company logo. No request is too far out we can do it all. We offer Jet Engine Covers, Windshield Covers, Interior reflectors, Pitot Covers, Intake/ Exhaust Covers, Cockpit Heatshields, Intake Plugs, Exhaust Plugs, Nose Covers, Wing Covers, Stabilizer Covers, Dorsal Plugs, and just about any other cover you can think of.

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Ice Detector CoverPitot Probe CoverAngle of Vane Cover
Angle of Vane CoverAngle of Vane CoverAircraft Protection Cover
Static Port CoverCircuit Breaker Lockout ClipTotal Air Temperature Cover
Protector Type

Intake Plug, Aircraft Cover


Transport Engine Cover


Off Link Storage Transport Cover


Transport or Storage Cover


Aircraft Cover


Aircraft Cover