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Part # Size Description Color Price
1 204/19 50ml LORD 204/19 acrylic adhesive bonds a wide variety of prepared or unprepared metals and plastics. LORD 204 acrylic adhesive replaces welding, riveting and other mechanical fastening methods. Also available in the No-Mix System by spraying, rolling, or brushing LORD Accelerator onto one or both surfaces. $21.80
2 320/322 50ml Sizes: 50ml cartridge, 200ml cartridge, Quart Kit (Qt kit contains 1qt 320 and 1 qt 322 for a total of 2 Quarts) $18.36
3 363 A/B 50ml LORD® 363 adhesive is a fast set, two-component epoxy adhesive system used to bond scuffed sheet molded compounds (SMC), wood, fiberglass reinforced plastics (FRP) and other plastics. This adhesive system can be either room temperature cured or heat cured for faster processing. $20.45
4 403/19 50ml Features and Benefits. Versatile - bonds unprepared metals with minimal substrate preparation: bonds difficult plastics such as polycarbonate and XENOY. Temperature Strength - performs at temperatures from -40 to +300 F (-40 to + 149 C). Environmental Resistant - resists dilute acids, alkalis, solvents, greases, oils, moisture and weathering; provides excellent resistance to UV exposure. Non-Sag - remains in position when applied on vertical or overhead surfaces, allowing for greater process flexibility. LORD 403/19: Work Time: 2-4 minutes. Handleable Bond: 4-6 minutes. Full Properties: 24 hours $248.51
5 406/19 50ml Sold: single 50 ml cartridge,case of (12) 50 ml cartridges, 375 ml cartridge grey w/GB, case of (12) 375 ml grey w/ GB $21.09
6 410/19 375ml LORD 410/19 . Work Time: 20-30 minutes. Handleable Bond: 60 minutes. Full Properties: 24 hours $66.11
7 459T 4 oz Available: Lot of (12) 4 oz bottles, lot of (4) Gallons. Price shown is your Lot charge. LORD 459T primer can be used in conjunction with LORD acrylic adhesives, urethane adhesives, epoxy structural adhesives, and cyanoacrylate adhesives, as well as with a variety of double sided tapes. $356.89
8 459X 1/2 pint NOTE: This product ships ‘Hazardous Freight ‘. To accurately calculate shipping charges to your specific location, this product must be ordered by phone by calling us at 800-327-9504. LORD Chemlok® 459X is Available: Lot of (12) 1/2 pints, lot of (4) Gallons. Prices shown are your Lot price. $365.63
9 506/19 50ml LORD 506/19 is a general purpose, semi-flexible, heat resistant acrylic adhesive. LORD 506 acrylic adhesive bonds a wide variety of themoplastics and themoset plastics. $294.35
10 606/6 485ml LORD 606 is a fast setting, acrylic adhesive used with LORD Accelerator 6 GB (glass beads) to bond composites including DCPD resin and modified DCPD resin based FRP (fiber reinforced plastic). LORD 606 adhesive can also cross-bond composites to many metals. $1,044.74
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