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Mil-Spec Cordage

Mil-Spec Cordage

Jaco Aerospace offers a wide variety of aircraft cordage related materials. We stock various types of webbing, elastics, twine and military materials at the best prices available anywhere. Everything that we deliver is manufactured in ISO 9000 and QSL approved facilities, so you can rest assured that you are receiving the highest quality aircraft products when shopping with us.

We stock cords for all type of aircraft needs, and can find the specific cordage that you need for your new build, maintenance or repair project. Some products that we have include shock cords, elastics, woven tapes, rope, twines, nets and webbing.

If you cannot find the exact product that you are in need of, please don’t hesitate to call one of our experienced sales representatives to help you today. Our staff can help you find the exact part that you need at the lowest price available, and we will have it shipped directly to your doorstep. Email Jaco Aerospace at [email protected] to learn more.

At Jaco Aerospace we will work with you to locate the right material for your job always at the best prices.

Product Categories
Shock Cords Elastics Woven Tapes
Rope Cords Twines
Elastics Hook and Loop Nets
Webbing And more ...  


Partial List of Military Specs offered
A-A-1451 A-A-2917 A-A-50057 A-A-50139 A-A-50435
A-A-52056 A-A-52071 A-A-52080 A-A-52081 A-A-52082
A-A-52083 A-A-52084 A-A-52088 A-A-55064 A-A-55093
A-A-55126 A-A-55187 A-A-55301 A-A-55622 A-A-59569
MIL-B-371 MIL-C-1145 MIL-C-17183 MIL-C-20079 MIL-C-2520
MIL-C-2522 MIL-C-3131 MIL-C-3395 MIL-C-40088 MIL-C-43256
MIL-C-43303 MIL-C-43307 MIL-C-43588 MIL-C-43678 MIL-C-43701
MIL-C-453 MIL-C-5040 MIL-C-54701 MIL-C-5649 MIL-C-5651
MIL-C-572 MIL-C-7515 MIL-C-81103 MIL-C-83242 MIL-T-2283
MIL-T-26089 MIL-T-27736 MIL-T-43435 MIL-T-43566 MIL-T-43668
MIL-T-43709 MIL-T-48260 MIL-T-5038 MIL-T-5608 MIL-T-5661
MIL-T-5666 MIL-T-6134 MIL-T-713 MIL-T-8363 MIL-T-87130
MIL-T-9049 MIL-W-17337 MIL-W-21733 MIL-W-23223 MIL-W-25361
MIL-W-27265 MIL-W-27657 MIL-W-38282 MIL-W-38328 MIL-W-38283
MIL-W-4088 MIL-W-43566 MIL-W-43668 MIL-W-43685 MIL-W-44049
MIL-W-530 MIL-W-5625 MIL-W-5664 MIL-W-81116 MIL-W-81528
MIL-W-83144 MIL-W-83420 MIL-W-87127 MIL-W-9049  

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