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Aircraft Seals

Aircraft Seals

Aircraft Sealants

Jaco Aerospace offers aircraft seals for multiple applications.

We offer Rubber, Fabric and Teflon covered seals for friction free applications.

Many of the seals we supply meet Boeing, Lockheed, Airbus, Northrop Grumman, Gulfstream and many OEM manufacturers specifications.

Do you need your seals manufactured? We work with leading manufacturers in the Aerospace Seal industry to make sure that we get you the seal you need manufactured with the high level of quality you expect. Our capabilities include the most common aircraft seals to the incredibly complicated. We can help you with your simplest to most complicated project.

Gap SealsElectrical Continuation SealsFlight Control Surface Seals
Conductive/RAM SealsDoor SealsPort Seals
Hatch SealsWindow SealsExtreme Heat Seals
Air Transport SealsEMI SealsAerodynamic Seals
Firewall SealsFiberglass Composite SealsExtrusions
Thermally InsulatingThermally Conductive SealsCompartment Joints & Seals
Vibration and Noise Control SealsMil-Spec Seals 
Common Seal Types and Applications