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Tesa has been synonymous with the highest-quality self-adhesive and system solutions for almost 80 years. As a Tesa Tape distributor, Jaco Aerospace can bring you the best industrial adhesive supplies for aircraft maintenance. These great products are ideal for fixes, big and small.

More Than 300 Different Tesa Tapes

The Tesa brand of adhesive tape was first used in 1936. This name later became the umbrella term for a broad range of tape solutions that meet the company’s high-quality expectations. Boasting a variety of solutions for many different industrial applications, tesa tapes now include more than 300 products offered to consumers worldwide.

German Engineering for Powerful Adhesive Products

Much innovation and research goes into making every Tesa adhesive product. The company continually innovates and engineers new tape and self-adhesive options, which is possibly why many Tesa tape suppliers are so enthusiastic whenever a new product is produced. In a sense, the same German engineering that powers the mighty German automotive industry also powers the trusted reliability of Tesa tape products.

A Fascinating History

Beginning with a failed attempt to develop an adhesive bandage in the 1890s, the creators of tesa at one point also sold a brand of toothpaste. The Tesa brand did not fare very well in the toothpaste industry but had a fair amount of later success with self-adhesive tapes. Over the years, the company experimented with commercial and residential sales by offering both unusual and functional products that were strong and could easily solve problems. Today, tesa tape products are used in the aviation industry, electronics, automotive industry, appliances, and many more commercial purposes.

Contact the Top Tesa Tape Distributors

When you need to buy Tesa adhesive tape solutions for your aircraft, Jaco’s team of experts is ready, willing, and fully able to assist you in purchasing the correct type of Tesa material for the job. We are the experts in commercial airline maintenance and can supply you with the raw materials you need to keep your airplane in the air safely. Check out the range of tapes, self-adhesives, and system solutions for sale from us; contact us online or Email Jaco Aerospace at [email protected] for help with your purchase. As trusted aerospace material suppliers and trusted Tesa material distributors, the team at Jaco can help you find the best solution today!