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Aircraft Wire

Aircraft Wire

Jaco Aerospace is a leading supplier of aircraft wire. We have been a leading distributor in the aviation industry of aircraft wire needs since 1971. We can find the exact specification you need and get it out to you today. Aviation wire plays an integral role in how your aircraft performs, and the high quality products that we deliver can help you fly with confidence. Aircraft electrical wire comes in many different varieties, and we stock spools from top aerospace manufacturers to meet your needs quickly and efficiently. 

All aircraft wire we provide comes with Manufacturer certs, complete trace and our CoC. So you can feel secure that you are buying from the best.

Aircraft wire can degrade over time, and it is good practice to examine electrical compartments and to test existing parts on a regular basis. We stock electrical aircraft wire for all types of applications, from specs for commercial airliners to turbo props that are privately owned. Below is a list of many popular aircraft wire varieties that we currently carry. 

Please search by part number, description or manufacturer if you know exactly what you need. If you aren’t sure, please don’t hesitate to call one of our trained professionals to help you find the exact type of aircraft wire you need today. We are available via email at [email protected].


Mil-Specs available
MIL-W-16878 MIL-W-22759 MIL-W-25038
MIL-W-27500 MIL-W-5086 MIL-W-5846
MIL-W-27500 MIL-W-5086 MIL-W-5846
MIL-W-81044 MIL-W-81381 MIL-W-81822
MIL-W-8777 QQW343 2AWG Tefzel Wire
6AWG Tefzel Wire 8AWG Tefzel Wire 10AWG Tefzel Wire
12AWG Tefzel Wire 14AWG Tefze lWire 16AWG Tefzel Wire
18AWG Tefzel 20AWG Tefzel 22AWG TefzelMIL-27500 Tefzel AWG
18 Single Shielded WireMIL-27500 Tefzel AWG20 Single Shielded WireMIL-27500 Tefzel  AWG22 - 2 Conductor Shielded CableMIL-27500 Tefzel
AWG22 - 3 Conductor Shielded CableMIL-27500 Tefzel AWG22 - 4 Conductor Shielded Cable MIL-W-16878 (NEMA HP3, HP4) wires
Type E, EE and ET cables M22759 (SAE AS22759) wires MIL-W-25038 wires
MIL-W-81381 wires MIL-DTL-27500 (NEMA WC27500) cables MIL-W-81822 (SAE AS81822) wires


Mil-Specs Wire available
BMS13-13TY1CL1-10G BMS13-16TY1CL1-20G BMS13-16TY1CL1-22G
BMS13-16TY1CL1-24G BMS13-16TY1CL2GA22 BMS13-28TY1CL1-6GA
BMS13-28TY1CL1-6G BMS13-28TY3CL1-20G BMS13-29TY1CL1-20G
BMS13-31T1C1-16GA  BMS13-31T1C2-18GA  BMS13-31TY1CL1-18G
BMS13-31TY3CL1-20G BMS13-35TY1CL1-2GA BMS13-48T10C02G020
BMS13-48T10C1G16   BMS13-48T10C1G22   BMS13-48T10C1G8   
BMS13-48T11C1G24   BMS13-48T12C03G016 BMS13-48T12C4G20  
BMS13-48T12CL1G22  BMS13-48T27C1G20  BMS13-48T27C1G24  
BMS13-48T27C2G20   BMS13-48T27C2G22   BMS13-48T28C2G24  
BMS13-48TY10CL1-20 BMS13-48TY32C2G2 BMS13-48TY32C2G20 
BMS13-48TY3CL1-20G BMS13-51BT8CL2-22G BMS13-51T14CL1-20G
BMS13-51TY14CL1-16 BMS13-51TY14CL1-18 BMS13-51TY14CL1-22
BMS13-51TY14CL1-24 BMS13-51TY15CL1-22 BMS13-51TY17CL2-24
BMS13-51TY18CL1-24 BMS13-51TY18CL2-20 BMS13-51TY18CL3-20
BMS13-51TY18CL3-24 BMS13-51TY18CL3GA2 BMS13-51TY1CL1-24G
BMS13-51TY1CL3-20G BMS13-51TY3CL2-20G BMS13-51TY8CL1-20G
BMS13-51TY8CL3-20G BMS13-51TY8CL3-22G BMS13-51TY8CL4-20G
BMS13-51TY9CL2-20G BMS13-55T2C1-16GA  BMS13-55T2C1-18AWG
BMS13-55T5C1G18 BMS13-58T1C1G0 BMS13-58T1C1G1-0  
BMS13-58T1C1G10 BMS13-58T1CL1-6GA BMS13-58T5C1G24   
BMS13-58TY1CL1-16G BMS13-58TY1CL1-20G BMS13-58TY1CL1-4GA
BMS13-58TY1CL1-8GA BMS13-58TY1CL1GA12 BMS13-60-16TY7CL1 
BMS13-60T01C01G010 BMS13-60T01C01G024 BMS13-60T04C03G24 
BMS13-60T11C01G016 BMS13-60T11C3G18   BMS13-60T1C1G22
BMS13-60T1C1G22-09 BMS13-60T1C1G22-09 BMS13-60T1C1G24   
BMS13-60T1C3G18    BMS13-60T1C3G20    BMS13-60T27C2G20  
BMS13-60T2C1-20G   BMS13-60T2C1G18    BMS13-60T2C1G22   
BMS13-60T2C3G22    BMS13-60T33C3G20   BMS13-60T4C1G24   
BMS13-60T4C2-24G   BMS13-60T7C1G14    BMS13-60T7C1G20   
BMS13-60T7C2G20    BMS13-60T8C1-20G   BMS13-60T8C2G20   
BMS13-60T9C3G18    BMS13-60TY13CL1G20 BMS13-60TY13CL1G22
BMS13-60TY13CL2G18 BMS13-60TY13CL2G22 BMS13-60TY15CL2G24
BMS13-60TY15CL3-24 BMS13-60TY1CL1-18G BMS13-60TY1CL1-20G
BMS13-60TY1CL1GA16 BMS13-60TY1CL2G22  BMS13-60TY1CL3-22G
BMS13-60TY26CL2G24 BMS13-60TY2CL1-20G BMS13-60TY2CL1-20G
BMS13-60TY2CL1G22  BMS13-60TY2CL2G20  BMS13-60TY2CL2G22 
BMS13-60TY2CL3G20  BMS13-60TY2CL3GA18 BMS13-60TY4CL1G22 
BMS13-60TY4CL2G22- BMS13-60TY4CL2G24  BMS13-60TY5CL2G20 
BMS13-60TY7CL1-16  BMS13-60TY7CL1-18G BMS13-60TY7CL1-22G
BMS13-60TY7CL1G12  BMS13-60TY7CL2-20G BMS13-60TY7CL3-22G
BMS13-60TY8CL1-12G BMS13-60TY8CL2-18G BMS13-60TY8CL2-20G
BMS13-58TY1CL1-12G  BMS1348T12C220 AWG 14: M22759-34-14-9
AWG 16: M22759-34-16-9 AWG 22: M22759-34-22-9 AWG 24: M22759-34-24-9
24 GAUGE: M22759-90-24-9    

Available in all colors and sizes
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