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Aircraft Sleeving

Aircraft Sleeving

Aircraft sleeving is just one category of products you will find when you visit Jaco Aerospace, one of the world’s premier aircraft supply companies. We provide a full range of aircraft sleeves, including nomex and braided sleeves. Our in-stock products can be shipped the same day and arrive to you tomorrow morning, no matter whether you are in Dallas or Dubai.

From fray-resistant PET braided sleeving and vinyl-coated fiberglass sleeving to multi-layer copper braid and nylon filament sleeving, we have a full selection of aircraft sleeving products in stock, ready to ship. We offer the quickest RFQ turnaround time in the industry, and we have a team of experts prepared to talk to you about your personal aircraft needs.

Contact us now for more information on our vast selection of aircraft-sleeving products. If you cannot locate the kind of aircraft sleeving you are looking for, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our experienced sales representatives for more help with your order. Our expert staff can assist you in finding the type of aircraft sleeving you need at the lowest prices in the industry. For more assistance, please call (626) 855-2870 today.

Nomex SleevingMilitary-grade material per MIL-C-A-A-50195A
Fire retardant
Fuel and weather-tolerant
High abrasion resistance
Prevents premature degradation
Color stable to 600ºF
Porous and breathable
Expandable-fits up to ½ inch diameter
No hot knife required fray for easy installation
Nomex Sleeving

Jaco Aerospace is a leading distributor of a wide array of braided-sleeving products. We have many braided sleeving options available, many in stock.

Braided SleevingGeneral Purpose Braided Sleeving Products
PET Colored Braided Sleeving
Flame Retardant PET Braided Sleeving
Nylon Monofilament Braided Sleeving
Fray Resistant PET Braided Sleeving
Fray Resistant Flame Retardant PET Braided Sleeving
Medium Duty PET Braided Sleeving
Fiberglass Braided Sleeving (300V to 30KV insulation)
Heat Treated Fiberglass sleeving (240°C, 300-600V)
Fray Resistant Fiberglass Sleeving (240°C, 300-600V)
Acrylic Coated Fiberglass Sleeving (155°C, 7000V)
Vinyl Coated Fiberglass Sleeving (130°C, 7000V)
Flame Retardant Silicone Coated Sleeving (200°C, 7000V)
High Voltage Silicone Braided Sleeving (200°C, 10KV - 30KV)
Heavy Duty and High Temperature Braided Sleeving Products
Halar Braided Sleeving (150°C, Plenum Rated)
Nylon Multifilament Braided Sleeving 
Tinned Copper Tubular Braid
Tinned Copper Flat Braid
Multi-Layer Copper Braid
Silver Plated Tubular Braid
Silver Plated Tubular Braid
Silver Plated Flat Braid
Stainless Steel Tubular Braid
Nickel Plated Tubular Braid
Nickel Plated Flat Braid
Braided Sleeving