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Aircraft Sealants PRC Desoto

Jaco Aerospace is a leader in supplying and offering PRC DeSoto aircraft sealants and adhesives. We stock some of the most commonly used and not-as-commonly-used PRC Desoto sealants. We provide aircraft sealants in numerous sizes, including 2 Ounce Kits, 6 Ounce Kits, Pint Kits, Quart Kits, and Gallon Kits. Many PRC-Desoto products, including some hazardous items, are available to ship the same day they are ordered.

We can ship this material to you whether you are in the US or overseas. We specialize in exporting hazardous items to many continents, including South America, Asia, Europe, and Australia.

We stock a wide variety of Pro-Seal and PRC Desoto adhesives. To learn more and purchase some of our most commonly stock materials, please click on the link below:

What Are the Applications and Features of PRC Desoto Sealants?

Aviation sealants block the passage of fluids through the surface, joints, or openings in an aircraft's fuel tanks, access doors, windshields, and other components.  Aerospace sealants are meant to prevent fluid leaks, air leakage, corrosion and oxidation, water or dust intrusion, and the spread of fire or flame. They're vital for aircraft safety and operation.

PPG Aerospace – PRC-DeSoto Aerospace Sealants

One of the most popular and reliable brands of aerospace sealants is put out by a company called PPG under the name PRC DeSoto Sealant. PRC DeSoto Sealants are used by some of the aerospace industry's leading manufacturers, including Boeing, Raytheon, Airbus, Sikorsky, Lockheed, and others.

For more than 50 years, PPG Aerospace – PRC-DeSoto has been a leader in developing a wide range of products essential to aerospace manufacturing, maintenance, and repair, including PRC® aerospace sealants. These were the first elastomeric sealing products capable of resisting deterioration from long-term exposure to jet fuel. Since then, products such as PR-1422  and Pro-Seal™ 890  have become acknowledged industry standards for sealing fuel tanks.

PRC-DeSoto sealants have many applications, including:

  • Corrosion inhibitive sealants
  • Customized sealant solutions
  • Electrical potting/molding
  • Electrically conductive
  • Fast cure / Flight line repair
  • Fuel tank / High-performance options
  • Fuel tank / Proven standards
  • High temperature and firewall
  • Specialty sealants
  • Windshield and canopy
  • Industrial sealants    


PRC DeSoto aerospace sealant products are durable, environmentally friendly, lightweight/low density, and have rapid curing times.

Jaco Aerospace is a leading supplier of PRC DeSoto aircraft sealants and adhesives. We stock a large inventory of PRC Desoto sealants, Pro-Seal, and PRC Desoto adhesives, including lesser-used, harder-to-find products.  

Aircraft sealants are available in several volumes, including 2 Ounce Kits, 6 Ounce Kits, Pint Kits, Quart Kits, and Gallon Kits. Many PRC-Desoto products, including some hazardous items, are available to ship the same day they are ordered.

Jaco Aerospace has the resources and experience to ship this material to you, whether you are located here in the US or are located overseas, without undue delays. We specialize in exporting hazardous items to many continents, including South America, Asia, Europe, and Australia.

Contact Jaco Aerospace for the best deals on PRC Desoto sealants and other products. You can reach us through our website or Email Jaco Aerospace at [email protected] to learn more about our products and services.

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