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Circuit Breaker Lockout Tool/Skylox
Circuit Breaker Lockout Clip



This unique product protects your aircraſt from unexpected accidents while also serving another critical role: providing safety to your service crews during ground maintenance procedures. 

When used with the warning streamer (see CBLOTOWSTRM photo), the Circuit Breaker Lockout Clip becomes a very clear indicator to service crews to avoid activating the circuit breaker while the clip is in place. 



Circuit Breaker Clip




Circuit Breaker Lockout Streamer




Circuit Breaker Lockout With Streamer


CBLOTOBGYCircuit Breaker Lockout Clip (Big, Yellow)



FOD Control Streamers 

Developed in conjunction with a major US airline, these streamers (which also attach directly to the Circuit Breaker Lockout Clip - see FOD window photo) have a plastic pouch where a barcode is placed/scanned prior to the deployment of the clip into the aircraſt. 

When the crew's work is complete, the clips are removed, barcodes re-scanned, and the clips returned to inventory. This helps track each clip and is a critical part of any successful FOD Program. 

Custom Streamers 

Custom streamers can be developed with your logo or custom language, and can be ordered in increments of 1000. Call one of our helpful representatives at 626.855.2870 or Email Jaco Aerospace at [email protected] to learn more.