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Jaco Aerospace Specifications Index

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D5363 DMS 1786, Comp A, Ty I DMS-1505
D6-17487 DMS 1786L COMPOSITION D DMS-1506
D6-17487 L DMS 1819C DMS-1507
D6-17487 Rev. L, DMS 1850, Comp B DMS-1509
D6-7127 DMS 1850, Ty I, Comp B DMS-1520
DAN 1186 DMS 1984 REV. M TYPE 5, CL 1 DMS-1526
DAN220-02 DMS 1984 REV. N TYPE 5, CL 2, DMS-1529
DAN328-50 DMS 2065 DMS-1534
DAN328AS DMS 2104, Comp C, Ty I DMS-1536
DAN32ADAN1297-01-100 DMS 2104, Comp C, Type I DMS-1543
Dark Blue DMS 2104/2144 Comp C, DMS-1547
DC 17487 DMS 2114, Comp C DMS-1550
DEF STAN 68-69 Iss 1 DMS 2128 REV. C TYPE 1, CL 1 DMS-1555
Def Std 80-161 DMS 2143,TY I, CL I, Comp C DMS-1556
Def Std 80-207 DMS 2144 Comp A DMS-1557
Def Std 80-213 DMS 2150 DMS-1558
Def Std 80-220 DMS 2227 DMS-1561
DERD 2487 (DEF STAN 91-98) DMS 2433, Comp C DMS-1562
DGQT1.7.0.35B DMS 2450C DMS-1563
DHMS C4.01 DMS 5384 REV. C DMS-1565
DHMS C4.01 Ty 2 DMS 5634 DMS-1570
DHMS C4.01 Ty 3 Gr A DMS-14001 DMS-1573
DHMS C4.01, Type 2 DMS-14002 DMS-1574
DHMS C4.03, Type 3 DMS-14003 DMS-1578
DHMS C4.04 DMS-14004 DMS-1579
DHMS C4.04, Type 2 DMS-14005 DMS-1580
DHMS C4.04, Type 3 DMS-14006 DMS-1583
DHMS C4.04, Type 4 DMS-14008 DMS-1585
DHMS C4.05 DMS-14009 DMS-1588
DHMS C4.06, Amend 1 DMS-14010 DMS-1589
DHMS C4.07 DMS-14011 DMS-1592
DHMS C4.08 DMS-14012 DMS-1594
DHMS C4.11 DMS-14013 DMS-1596
DHMS C4.13 DMS-14014 DMS-1599
DHMS C4.13, Type I DMS-14015 DMS-1600
DHMS C4.18 DMS-14016 DMS-1601
DHMS C4.18 Ty III, Cl A, Gr A DMS-14017 DMS-1602
DHMS C4.18 Type 3, Cl B, Gr B DMS-14018 DMS-1604
DHMS C4.18, Type II DMS-14019 DMS-1607

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