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Jaco Aerospace Specifications Index

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M-5.20 MIL-A-47284 MIL-C-22750D, Type I
MAT-587 MIL-A-47317 MIL-C-22750D, Type I,
MAT-624 Type II MIL-A-5092 MIL-C-22750E & F
MAT-645 MIL-A-5092 TY 2 MIL-C-22787
MB1658 MIL-A-5092 TY 3 MIL-C-23377
MEP 10-053, Ty II MIL-A-52194 MIL-C-23411
MEP 10-058 MIL-A-8243 MIL-C-23411 TY 2
MEP 10-059 MIL-A-82720 MIL-C-23411A
MEP 10-060 MIL-A-8576 MIL-C-23411A, Type 2
MEP 10-061 MIL-A-8576C MIL-C-24308
MEP 10-062 MIL-A-907 MIL-C-24640
MEP 10-068, Cl A & B MIL-A-907E MIL-C-24643
MEP 10-069 MIL-A-9117 MIL-C-2520
MEP 10-071 MIL-AA-58092 MIL-C-2522
MEP 10-69 MIL-B-121 MIL-C-25369-C
MEP 13-074 MIL-B-371 MIL-C-25769
MIL C-5541C MIL-B-46176 Mil-C-25769G
MIL- S-8516 MIL-C-10578 MIL-C-27725
MIL-47325 MIL-C-1145 MIL-C-27725, Type II, Class A & B
MIL-83285 MIL-C-11796 MIL-C-27725B (Type 2 Only)
MIL-A-13883B Type I MIL-C-11796, Class 3 Mil-C-29602
MIL-A-16146 MIL-C-11796C, CL3 MIL-C-3131
MIL-A-21366 MIL-C-11796C, Class 1 & 1A MIL-C-3133
MIL-A-21366A MIL-C-15074 MIL-C-3395
MIL-A-22397 MIL-C-15074E MIL-C-372
MIL-A-23941A MIL-C-16173 MIL-C-38334A, Type 1, Class 1
MIL-A-24179 MIL-C-16173 GR 1 MIL-C-3953
MIL-A-24179A Type I MIL-C-16173 GR 4 MIL-C-4003
MIL-A-25463 Mil-C-16173 Grade 4 MIL-C-40088
MIL-A-25552 MIL-C-16173D Grade 2 Class 1 MIL-C-4232
MIL-A-40146 MIL-C-16173D Grade 3 Class 1 MIL-C-43006
MIL-A-46050 MIL-C-17183 MIL-C-43256
MIL-A-46050C MIL-C-17504B MIL-C-43285
MIL-A-46106 MIL-C-20079 MIL-C-43303
MIL-A-46106A MIL-C-20696 MIL-C-43307
MIL-A-46106B MIL-C-21567 MIL-C-43588
MIL-A-46146 Mil-C-21567A MIL-C-43678
MIL-A-46153 MIL-C-22750 MIL-C-43701
MIL-A-46864 MIL-C-22750D MIL-C-44378 Type IV

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