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Jaco Aerospace Specifications Index

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A-1177-B A-A-55064 AA-1693
A-1226-B A-A-55093 AA-208 (TT-I-1795)
A-1231-B A-A-55126 AA-2094
A-1273-B A-A-55187 AA-2232
A-A-113 A-A-55242 AA-3097
A-A-1451 A-A-55281 AA-52084-B-3
A-A-1586A A-A-55301 ABD0031
A-A-1586A; CID A-A-1586A A-A-55308 ABP 4-1123
A-A-1586A; PM-85 Tested; T-428 A-A-55622 ABP 4-1123 Filler
A-A-1684C A-A-55809 ABP 4-2128
A-A-1685 A-A-56032 ABP 4-2130
A-A-1686 A-A-58060 ABP 5-1351
A-A-1687 A-A-58092 ABP 8-4309
A-A-1689 A-A-59136 ABP 9-4325
A-A-1689 B Type I Class 2 (replaced PPP-T-66E Type I Class 2 (cancelled 1/6/97) A-A-59163 ABP2-3094
A-A-180C Type II Grade A A-A-59166 ABR 2-0181
A-A-180C Type II Grade B A-A-59258 ABR 2-1079
A-A-1830 A-A-59281 ABR 9-0140
A-A-1936 A-A-59295, Type 1 ABR2-0048
A-A-2917 A-A-59295, Type 1 & 2 AER-M-P.013a
A-A-3164 A-A-59298 AER-M-P.023
A-A-3164 Cl 1 & 2 A-A-59341 AER-M-P.027a (Aeritalia)
A-A-50057 A-A-59569 AER-M-P.039 (Aeritalia)
A-A-50135 A-A-59588 AGC 34076
A-A-50435 A-A-883 AIMS 04-04-001/004
A-A-5094 A-A-883A AIMS 04-04-002
A-A-50943 Type 1 A-A-883A, PPP-T-42C AIMS 04-04-003
A-A-52056 A-A-883A, PPP-T42C AIMS 04-04-005 Ty I
A-A-52071 A-A-883A, UU-T-160d, Type I AIMS 04-04-007
A-A-52080 A1503B AIMS 04-04-012
A-A-52081 A50TF107-S5 AIMS 04-04-013/014
A-A-52082 A50TF291 AIMS 04-04-014
A-A-52083 A50TF303 AIMS 04-04-023
A-A-52084 AA 59293 AIMS 04-04-024
A-A-52088 AA-1586A AIMS 04-04-026
A-A-52094 AA-1683B AIMS 04-04-031
A-A-52402 AA-1684B AIMS 04-04-032
A-A-52430 AA-1687B AIMS 04-04-033
A-A-52444 AA-1689B AIMS 04-04-034

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