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Adhesive Applications Aircraft Products

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Part # Size Description Color Price << Page 1 >>
1 A100 General Purpose Laminating Adhesive
2 A115 High Tack Acrylic Film Tape
3 A135 High Tack Acrylic Film Tape
4 A140 General Purpose Laminating Adhesive
5 A200 HighTemperature Laminating Adhesive
6 A240 HighTemperature Laminating Adhesive
7 A5000 Acrylic Protective film Clear
8 A5001 Acrylic Protective film Clear
9 A5002 Acrylic Protective film Clear
10 A515 High Tack Acrylic Film Tape
11 A530 High Tack Acrylic Film Tape
12 A602 HighTemperature Shear Adhesive
13 A603 HighTemperature Shear Adhesive
14 A605 HighTemperature Shear Adhesive
15 A702 Acrylic tape Clear
16 A802 High Peel/Tack Laminating Adhesive
17 A803 High Peel/Tack Laminating Adhesive
18 A805 High Peel/Tack Laminating Adhesive
19 A902 (Clear) Transfer Adhesive
20 A902 (Red) Transfer Adhesive
21 A905 (Clear) Transfer Adhesive
22 AT15 High Tack Acrylic Film Tape
23 HAFP045 High Adhesion Permanent PET Supported Tape
24 HLUP020 Permanent LSE Unsupported Transfer Tape
25 HRFD025 Permanent/ Removable PET Supported Tape
26 HRFP025 Permanent PET Supported Tape
27 HRTP035 Permanent Tissue Supported Tape
28 HRUP010 General Permanent Unsupported Transfer Adhesive
29 HRUR010 General Removable Unsupported Transfer Adhesive
30 PolySil S1001 Silicone Transfer Adhesive
31 PolySil S1001-1 Silicone Transfer Adhesive
32 PolySil S1002 Silicone Transfer Adhesive
33 PolySil S1003 Silicone Transfer Adhesive
34 PolySil S1005 Silicone Transfer Adhesive
35 R515 High Tack Rubber Film Tape
36 S2012-2 High Tack Tape Dark Violet
37 S2802 Ultra Tack Tape Burgundy
38 S2822 Ultra Tack Tape Burgundy
39 S3411-2 High Tack Tape Red
40 S3412-2 High Tack Tape Red
41 S4511 High Temperature Tape Green
42 S511 High Temperature Tape Red
43 S511C High Temperature Tape Clear
44 S5511.5-2SW Functional Splicing Tape Yellow
45 S5513 High Tack Tape Yellow
46 S580 High Tack Tape Red
47 S8511-2 High Tack Tape Green
48 S8512-2 High Tack Tape Green
49 S8512-2DCSW High Tack Silicone Film Tape
50 S8512-2DL Linered HighTackTape Green
51 S8512-2DPDL High Tack Silicone Film Tape
52 S9511-2 High Tack Tape Blue
53 S9512-2 High Tack Tape Blue
54 SA1020 Silicone/Acrylic Tape
55 SA1060 Silicone/Acrylic Tape
56 SP590 Polyimide/Silicone tape Clear Adhesive Amber film
57 SP590-2 Polyimide/Silicone tape Clear Adhesive Amber film
58 SP590DL Polyimide/Silicone tape with liner Clear Adhesive Amber film Clear liner
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