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400HZ AC Cable Assemblies

400HZ AC Cable Assemblies


AC Cable Protector Jacket

Available in various lengths and diameters.

Plug not included



AC Supreme Cable Cover

Attachable and Molded Assemblies for AC Applications

Cable assemblies are fabricated to the exacting requirements of  Mil-C-7974C. Jaco Industrials is a qualified supply source for MS25019, MS90328, MS90347, AN3430 & AN2551 cable assemblies.

In addition, we can supply unique cable configurations or lengths to meet your requirements. Contact Jaco Industrials Inc. for additional information.
30 FT.Part Number: JACOSPCCXXX

MIL-C-5756 Cable 

Exploring MIL-C-5756 Cable: A Robust Solution for Military and Aerospace Applications

Reliability and performance are paramount in the world of military and aerospace technologies. The components used in these fields must meet rigorous standards to ensure the safety and success of critical missions. One such component is the MIL-C-5756 cable, a specialized cable designed to excel in demanding environments. 

Understanding MIL-C-5756 Cable

MIL-C-5756, or Military Specification Cable, is a well-defined set of standards developed by the United States Department of Defense (DoD) for cables used in military and aerospace applications. This specification outlines the requirements for cables designed to operate reliably in harsh conditions, including extreme temperatures, high levels of radiation, and exposure to chemicals.

MIL-C-5756 cables are engineered to provide dependable electrical connectivity while withstanding the challenges of military and aerospace environments. They come in various configurations, including single-conductor and multi-conductor designs, to accommodate different applications and requirements.

Key Features of MIL-C-5756 Cable

1. Durability

MIL-C-5756 cables are built to withstand extreme conditions. They are often designed with ruggedized outer jackets that resist abrasion, moisture, and chemicals. This durability ensures that the cables can function reliably in challenging environments.

2. Temperature Tolerance

Military and aerospace applications can expose cables to a wide range of temperatures. MIL-C-5756 cables are engineered to maintain their electrical properties even in extreme heat or cold, making them suitable for use in desert and arctic conditions.

3. Electrical Performance

These cables are designed to provide consistent and high-quality electrical performance. They offer low capacitance and low signal attenuation, ensuring that signals are transmitted accurately and reliably.

4. Shielding

MIL-C-5756 cables often feature robust shielding to protect against electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radiofrequency interference (RFI). This shielding is crucial in environments where precise communication and data transmission are vital.

5. Chemical Resistance

Chemical exposure is a common challenge in military and aerospace applications. These cables are typically resistant to various chemicals, ensuring they can withstand exposure to fuels, lubricants, and other hazardous substances.

6. Compliance with Military Standards

MIL-C-5756 cables are manufactured following strict military standards, guaranteeing reliability and performance. They undergo rigorous testing and quality control measures to meet the requirements outlined in the specification.

Applications of MIL-C-5756 Cable

MIL-C-5756 cables find application in a wide range of military and aerospace systems, including:

Aircraft: They are used in avionics systems, communication systems, and power distribution within aircraft to ensure reliable operation.

Ground Vehicles: MIL-C-5756 cables are employed in military vehicles, providing power and data connections for various onboard systems.

Satellites and Spacecraft: These cables transmit data and power between spacecraft components in the harsh space environment.

Missiles and Munitions: Military-grade cables are used in missile guidance systems and munitions, where precision and reliability are paramount.

Ground Stations: Ground station communication cables must meet stringent requirements to maintain constant contact with aircraft and satellites.

Benefits of Using MIL-C-5756 Cable

The use of MIL-C-5756 cables offers several advantages, including:

Reliability: These cables are engineered to withstand harsh conditions, ensuring critical systems operate reliably.

Safety: Military and aerospace applications often involve high-risk situations. Using cables that meet stringent standards enhances overall safety.

Performance: The cables' low signal attenuation and EMI/RFI shielding contribute to superior electrical performance and data integrity.

Longevity: MIL-C-5756 cables are built to last, reducing the need for frequent replacements and maintenance.

Compliance: Meeting military standards ensures compatibility and conformity with existing systems and equipment.

MIL-C-5756 cable is essential in military and aerospace applications, providing the durability, performance, and reliability required for mission-critical operations. As technology advances, these cables will likely play an even more significant role in ensuring the success and safety of future military and aerospace endeavors.