Part Number: CYCOM 2400

Cytec, CYCOM 2400, Roll Phenolic Resin

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Unit of Measure: RO
Minimum Order Qty: 1
Manufacturer: Cytec
Usually Ships: 2 Weeks
Features and Specifications
CYCOM® 2400L/3K-70-PW is a low tack carbon prepreg system suitable for aircraft interior components and other transportation applications where low flammability is required. This material is a lightweight plain weave prepreg intended for use adjacent to honeycomb in the manufacture of sandwich panels. Its unique construction can be applied to weight
critical components.
CYCOM 2400L/3K-70-PW prepreg is intended for but not limited to use in the manufacture of components via press processing. Standard widths include 48 and 63.5 inches
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