Part Number: T36

Load Release Tow Behind Magnetic Sweeper

Price: $672.00
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Unit of Measure: EA
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Features and Specifications
FLAT SHIPPING CHARGE NO ADDITIONAL SHIPPING COSTS REGARDLESS OF ORDER SIZE AND WEIGHT Prevent Foreign Object Debris Designed for vehicle towing, the Load-Release Tow-Behind magnetic sweeper functions over any terrain, in any weather condition. * Internal Load Release Feature for Easy Cleaning * No Exposed Parts or Cleaning Trays to Damage! * Construction is Heavy Gauge Steel and Aircraft-Grade Aluminum Tubing * Available in 36, 48, 60, 72, 84 and 96-inch sizes * Towable Magnet can be Towed by a Variety of Vehicles * Sweeper Removes Hazardous Metal Debris from Terminals, Airport Runways and Ramps, Hangers, Disposal Areas, Construction Sites, Plant Areas, etc. * 3" Ground Clearance, Heavy-Duty, Highest Strength, All-Weather Permanent Magnetic Construction * Unconditional Product Performance Guarantee For more info please visit
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