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How to Fix Aircraft Corrosion With Zip-Chem Aerospace Products

For aircraft, corrosion is inevitable when flying through the skies at high speeds. There is no way to prevent exposed parts of the plane, such as the body, engines, and landing gear, from becoming corroded over time. 

Even with the most durable and long-lasting corrosion protection paints and sealants, an airliner’s metal components simply cannot withstand the intense conditions associated with high altitude and extreme temperatures for suspended amounts of time. 

However, a solution presents itself in the form of Zip-Chem’s corrosion repair products and their ability to return corroded components to look and work as well as the day they shipped from their manufacturer. 

Jaco Aerospace proudly offers Zip-Chem’s corrosion-removing products for all aircraft maintenance and repair.

What is Zip-Chem, and How Can it Fix Aircraft Corrosion?

Zip-Chem is a notable producer of many different aerospace maintenance and repair products. From lubricants, cleaners, and sealants to corrosion-inhibiting compounds, the company provides a one-stop shop for various aircraft maintenance-related issues (Zip-Chem). 

Stopping and repairing the corrosion of metals that make up the exposed areas of airplanes is crucial to the longevity of your aircraft, and Zip-Chem has devoted over half a century to creating products that are more durable, applicable, and perform better than companies producing similar products. 

Zip-Chem’s success is due to its product’s ability to penetrate corroded components and remove the build-up of dirt, chemicals, and other debris that causes corrosion to form. In addition, the company also offers protective anti-corrosion coatings, metal degreasers, disinfectants, and a variety of different lubricants. 

Applicable Uses of Zip-Chem in the Aerospace Industry

Airplane maintenance is Zip-Chem’s highest priority, and their product services include:

  • Providing fast curing and durable temporary protective coatings
  • Maximum penetrating, heavy-duty coatings
  • Long-lasting and high penetrating water displacing CIC
  • Coatings that withstand high temperatures
  • General-purpose metal degreasers 
  • Surface prep and mechanical parts cleaners
  • Non-flammable degreasers
  • Precision cleaners
  • Ready-to-use disinfectants
  • Dry washes and polishes
  • Deodorants
  • A wide selection of lubricants


Where to Purchase Zip-Chem

Jaco Aerospace stands behind every product that we supply on our website. We believe in only providing the best, most durable products for all airplane construction, maintenance, and repair. 

To shop our complete collection of Zip-Chem’s corrosion protection and repair products, please visit our product website. 

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