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PVC Safety Tesa Tape: How is It Used in Aircraft?

Tesa has been a long-renowned creator and supplier of industrial-strength adhesive tapes for the construction, maintenance, and repair of aircraft for over 80 years, and their reputation in the eyes of their clients has led the brand to become a major player in the aerospace industry. 

Those conducting maintenance and repairs on aircraft know all too well the extensive applicable uses of Tesa tape, and for many individuals, the job simply could not be completed to the proper levels of satisfaction if not for the all-inclusive range of tape products provided by Tesa. 

As Jaco Aerospace strives to supply only the highest quality of aircraft products, we are proud to feature Tesa’s entire line of tapes in our inventory of aircraft quality tapes and adhesives.

Tesa: Innovation in Aircraft Maintenance and Repair

The company Tesa has had a long history of producing adhesive products. Originally a producer of bandages in the late 19th century, the company experienced many highs and lows before becoming the massively successful industrial-strength adhesive company that is known all over the world today. 

Through years of innovative manufacturing, Tesa created a line of aerospace tapes that rival all other similar producers on the market. 

Today, Tesa is the preferred company for aircraft-quality adhesives, and with a line of products featuring over 300 different types of tape, there is a solution for every possible issue. 

Applicable Uses of PVC Safety Tesa Tape

Perhaps the most versatile of adhesive tapes offered by Tesa, PVC tape can solve an array of different aircraft maintenance and repair issues. 

PVC tapes are typically used when dealing with electrical components in the aerospace industry. Known for its ability to provide insulation, water-proofing, bundling, and color coding for wires and cables, engineers can conduct their work with utmost confidence that the task at hand will be completed correctly and with the best materials available. 

Additionally, Tesa tape is capable of being used in intense conditions such as high temperatures and inclement weather, rendering the product an essential tool in every aircraft engineer’s reservoir of equipment. 

Where to Purchase Tesa Tape

Jaco Aerospace inventories the entirety of Tesa’s expansive aircraft quality adhesive tapes, including the multi-applicable, extremely efficient PVC tape. 

Our collection of Tesa tapes can be found and purchased on our product website, along with every other component you may need for any aerospace construction, maintenance, or repair job. 

Email Jaco Aerospace at [email protected] or call us at 1-626-855-2870 to learn more about our products and services.

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