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Taconic Tape Products

The Taconic brand, which has been a leading producer of industrial products since 1961, offers specialty, industrial tapes. The following is a look at some of the more popular Taconic tape products commonly used in the aviation and aerospace industries.

Taconic Tac-Tapes

Most of the Tac-Tapes product line is made with a choice of silicone or acrylic adhesives. These tapes are made from the highest-quality adhesives and backing materials, with components that deliver superior performance. These Tac-Tapes are trusted for these fantastic characteristics. A Taconic Tac-Tape product has optimal release and low friction and can be used for electrical insulation. They have superb dimensional stability and are manufactured for extreme temperature resistance.

Taconic PTFE-Coated Glass Pressure-Sensitive Tape

The tensile strength and dimensional stability of these pressure-sensitive tapes are of the absolute best quality and trusted by professionals. The PTFE tapes from Taconic are also known for their heat resistance, non-stick surface, and exceptional wear life.

Taconic TFE-GLASS Zone Tape

The Taconic TFE-GLASS zone tape is a very unique tape that combines Taconic’s TFE-GLASS tape with a special double-sided tape to create custom adhesive zones.

Taconic High-Density PTFE Tapes

If you are looking for a tape that offers lower elongation and higher wear properties, then you should trust the Taconic high-density range of PTFE tapes. They are made from PTFE-oriented film and are trusted by professionals in a host of industries, including the aerospace industry.

Taconic Thermal Spray Tape

As a complement to their PTFE-coated products, Taconic has developed a range of adhesives for the thermal spray industry. These adhesive tapes have stood the test in high-performance applications and are trusted for use in flame and plasma spray to HVOF and grit blast.

Having the right products to work with can help to improve safety during the maintenance part of an aircraft’s lifecycle so that everyone can have a safe flight from the functional check flight to landing. The Taconic tape product line has been used in everything from aircraft repairs to conveyor belts. Now, you can purchase many of their products with us so that your team has the high-strength supplies they need to upkeep a commercial aircraft. To learn about our high-quality adhesive Taconic tapes and find out what other tapes we have for sale, contact us online now or Email Jaco Aerospace at [email protected] to learn more about our products and services..

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