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Polyken Tapes

Polyken manufactures one of the most versatile ranges of tapes in the world, and for decades, these tapes have been trusted by professionals in an incredibly wide array of fields. It is no secret that Polyken tape is one of the most frequently used supplies in the aerospace industry, and at Jaco Aerospace, we are proud to offer a full selection of Polyken products for sale online. Here is a look at some of the tapes offered by Polyken.

Polyken Foil Tape

Polyken foil tape is one of the staple tapes in the Polyken catalog. With a multitude of applications, styles, and composites, Polyken foil tapes and supplies are used by laborers including plumbers, electricians, and even professionals in the automotive industry for those jobs that require high-quality foil tape that will provide long-term durability.

Polyken Gaffers Tape

You cannot have a successful concert or event without a high-quality sound and lighting system. As every gaffer will tell you, at such events, many wires need to be correctly installed and fastened with tape that will stay in place but can be easily removed once the show is over. This is why gaffers choose Polyken gaffers tape. This ultra-high-strength tape ensures that wires don’t move and, more importantly, that wires are not in the way of the audience. Many other professionals in the entertainment industry aside from gaffers swear by the strength of Polyken gaffers tape, which is why it remains one of the best-selling products in our selection of Polyken tapes.

Polyken Carpet Tape

Carpets can add a touch of elegance to events. Quite often, a carpet needs to be fastened to a particular area for a limited amount of time during an event. This is where the strength of Polyken carpet tape really stands out. A temporary carpet that has not been fastened to the ground properly is not only a major eyesore but a serious hazard that can lead to tripping and injuries. Managers cannot rely on anything but the best for fastening their temporary carpets in place, and that is why they trust the strength of Polyken carpet tape.

Order Today

We are standing by to help you get the best Polyken products for commercial, industrial, and private uses. Whether you are looking for Polyken duct tape for the home or you need tapes for the commercial aviation industry or other purposes, we can get the right materials into your hands. Browse our Polyken tape selection today and contact us with any questions you may have about this fine line of products and your purchase.

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