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When you are looking for the right tape for all your commercial, private, or industrial needs, Polyken has a product for you. At Jaco Aerospace, we proudly stock a full selection of Polyken tapes designed to satisfy your requirements. We are one of the top Polyken tape distributors in the world, and we feature affordable pricing and quality service. Simply put, if you want something from the Polyken tape manufacturer, you can get it from our online catalog of Polyken tapes and other aircraft supplies.

Polyken is a leader in the creation of tapes for a wide variety of industries. Polyken's tapes are trusted to perform well in various jobs, from duct tape to foil tape to gaffer tape and more. Consumers trust their strength, durability, ease of application, and removal. Polyken tape distributors such as Jaco are glad to carry this brand because we know that our customers trust Polyken and that Polyken supplies are an excellent fit for many industries.

Plumbers, electricians, carpet-layers, airplane mechanics, and many others turn to Polyken tapes to seal leaks, hold items in place, reinforce joints, and do many other tasks. The Polyken tape manufacturer, Berry Plastics, uses only the highest-quality materials when creating a roll of tape, so purchasers can be sure that they are getting what they need when buying from the Polyken range of tapes and other products. If you need Polyken tapes, you can trust Jaco Aerospace, one of the leading Polyken tape distributors in the world. We will deliver your order right to the front door of your home or business, and we can also provide delivery to your repair or construction site.

Browse our Polyken tape selection today to see why we are the best source for these products. Other Polyken tape distributors might offer a fraction of our inventory, but we carry all the most critical Polyken products for sale. Click on any item to learn more, or contact our expert staff today for assistance. We are standing by to provide complete service for your aircraft material needs.

The Most Popular Polyken Tape of All

Polyken 108FR 

For carpet installation on interior floors and stairs of aircraft. They are used confidently by Boeing, Douglas, Lockheed, major national and international airlines, and refurbishers. 

See all Polyken 108FR tapes by clicking here.

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We stand by to help you get the best Polyken products for commercial, industrial, and private uses. Whether you are looking for Polyken duct tape for the home or need tapes for the commercial aviation industry or other purposes, we can get the right materials into your hands. Browse our Polyken tape selection today and contact us with any questions about this fine line of products and your purchase.