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Mirandy Airplane Disinfection: How to Choose Effective Sanitizing Products

Mirandy is a chemical company specializing in the production of high-quality disinfectants and sanitizing cleaners for the aviation and industrial sectors. 

Created to take on the toughest stains and sanitize all areas within the interior of aircraft, this is not your typical household disinfectant by any means. Rather, Mirandy is regarded as one of the best aircraft sanitizing products in the business, with industrial-strength cleaning capabilities. So, it is safe to say that passengers disembarking airplanes in use of Mirandy’s products will likely be more germ-free than when they boarded. 

All jokes aside, Mirandy’s disinfectant and sanitizing cleaners meet all of Jaco Aerospace’s quality standards, and we are proud to supply our clients with such an excellent product to be used in the maintenance of their aircraft.

When it Comes to Disinfection, Mirandy is the Best Choice

Composed of ingredients that are biodegradable and safe for the environment, Mirandy’s Tuff Guy stain remover and disinfectant is able to tackle even the hardest to remove stains, as well as sanitize the entirety of an aircraft’s interior. 

In addition to the eco-friendly composition of the cleaner, Mirandy’s Tuff Guy stain remover and disinfectant also contains hydrogen peroxide, which aids in the process of removing deep stains and odors. 

Catering to over a million passengers each day, the commercial airline business sees its fair share of funk and grime. Thanks to products like Mirandy’s Tuff Guy, every passenger is able to rest assured that their seat, whether it be first-class or economy, is sanitized correctly and completely.  

Applicable Uses for Mirandy’s Disinfectant Products

Mirandy’s Tuff Guy stain remover and disinfectant has many uses within the aerospace industry, including: 

  • All-purpose interior aircraft cleaner

  • Hydrogen peroxide stain removing capabilities 

  • Oxidizes soils and stains

  • Cleans carpets and passenger seats

  • Removes odors

  • Provides safe bleaching

  • Ability to clean hard surfaces such as woods, plastics, and glass

  • All-purpose bathroom cleaner and disinfectant

Where to Purchase Mirandy Airplane Disinfectants

Interior aircraft cleaning is just as important to the lasting maintenance of your plane as exterior servicing. Luckily, there are safe and reliable products such as Mirandy’s Tuff Guy stain remover and disinfectant that can keep your aircraft fresh and clean, so you can spend more time focusing on the quality of your airliner’s service and the satisfaction of your passengers. 

Mirandy’s Tuff Guy stain remover and disinfectant is available for purchase on our website. 

Email Jaco Aerospace at [email protected] or call us at 1-626-855-2870 to learn more about our products and services.

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