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Mask-Off Tapes: Quality Surface Protection for Aircraft Manufacturing 

Masking tape is a pressure-sensitive tape made of thin and easy-to-tear paper that’s been coated with a pressure-sensitive adhesive. It is used to mask off sections of a work area to protect them from damage. Masking tape can be easily removed after work is complete without damaging the surface or leaving behind any residue.

Masking tape can be used for countless applications. It has both home and industrial uses. Masking tape is used from everything to secure packages for shipment to painting automobiles. Masking tape has a lot of aerospace applications as well.

Mask-Off Surface Protection Tape

Mask Off is one of the leading manufacturers of industrial protection tapes. Their products have been approved for use by private companies, governments, and the military since 1950. Mask-Off products include the popular line of PROTEX protective paper and film tapes.

PROTEX 20S is a single-sided masking tape with a paper substrate and natural latex adhesive. It's heat resistant and forms a strong bond. PROTEX tape has been designed for applications requiring extra protection and high tack. It can withstand 60 pounds of sandblasting pressure for decorative applications, i.e. glass etching and light blasting on wood.  

PROTEX 20S is used by aircraft manufacturers like Boeing. It's used in many aerospace manufacturing applications, including:

  • Protecting walkways from damageand due to foot traffic.

  • Used for Tedlar ® Interior Protection in ceiling areas, overhead storage compartments.

  • Exterior skin protection where heavy-duty protection is required.

  • Protects graphite composite surfaces from interlayer fracturing due to impact damage.

In addition to the aerospace industry, PROTEX 20S is used for movie studio backdrops, cover-ups, and painting sets.

Jaco Aerospace is Your Source for Mask-Off Tape Products

Jaco Aerospace provides customers with an extensive selection of industrial and aircraft tapes from the world’s leading manufacturers, including Mask-Off tapes. We've been a major distributor of heat-resistant aircraft and industrial tapes, aircraft-grade raw materials, maintenance supplies, chemicals, consumables, and other aircraft products since 1971.

Don't know what type of tape is best for your applications? Contact us through our website or Email Jaco Aerospace at [email protected] to connect with one of our knowledgeable sales representatives about your particular needs,

No matter what type of aerospace tape you require, Jaco Aerospace probably has it in stock and can get it sent out to you the same day you order! We have a reputation for having the fastest RFQ turnaround time in the industry. 

JACO Aerospace Products
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