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Aircraft and Jet Lavatory Hoses & Couplings

New Crush Proof Lavatory Dump Hose

Part Number: JACONCPLDH810121520

100% urethane hose wall with urethane tubular helix to protect hose (no wire)

* One continuos piece of urethane hose and cuff
* Triple urethane on cuffs for added wear
* UV resistant
* Bending radius 4"
* Temperature resistance -40F, +195F
* Hose colors: see-thru blue, clear (optional)
* Standard lengths: 8', 10', 12', 15' and 20'

Other diameters and lengths are available on special request

Lavatory Hoses
Lavatory Hoses

Part Number: JACOLH

Lav Hoses with Fabric and Wire


 Open Style Straight Aluminum
Coupling turn-to-lock Open Style Straight Aluminum

Part Number: JACO2653J001P00V


Straight Coupling
Straight Coupling

Part Number: JACO-2653-21-1


Coupling turn-to-lock Open Style Straight Composite

Part Number: JACO2653J001P10V
• Lavatory drain couppling (straight).
• Component materials:
Ballcage-Composite/Aluminum alloy.
• A travel stop feature controls collare rotaion and prevents any overriding of the locking balls.
• Nominal pressure rating, 0-5 PSIG.
• Overhaul manual VIM 2651
-64x -64 Lavatory drain Mates and seals with all lavatory drain nipples. Composite collar with cast aluminum 1 piece ballcage. Fitting end-hose connection accpets standard 4" lavatory drain hose.


Wye Couplings

Part Number: JACO2651J133P10V , JACO2651J206P10V
Yellow Collar


Wye Coupling

Part Number: JACO2651-133-21-1M


Lav Drain Plug (donut)

Part Number: JACO4259J064S20M


Lav Drain Coupling Nipple Stainless Steel

Part Number: JACO2651-216C00V


Nipple – Parking/ Stowage Point— for all style Lavatory Drain Couplings

Part Number: JACO2651-015A00V


Repair Kit

Part Number: JACO2651-999P01V
Wye Repair Kit


Cam Ring

Part Number: JACO163-XXX1-000


Quad Ring

Part Number: JACO167-XXX1-000


T Handle for a lavatory drain plug extraction

Part Number: JACO2651-X-XX1V
Lavatory drain Not for use when lavatory drain fluid is to be extracted


4" Drain Cap

Part Number: JACO2651J126AXXV


Dump Valve

Part Number: JACO6401-I


Lavatory Dial Meter

Part Number: JACO620TN


Lavatory Dial Meter

Part Number: JACOIALS96


Lav Hose Parts

Part Number: 167-XXX1-XXX , JACO2651-999PX1V , JACO163-XXX1-XXX

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