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Ideal Tape: Useful Applications Polyester Film Tapes for Aircraft

There is a popular saying that everything can be repaired with duct tape, and while Jaco Aerospace is a firm believer in this universally accepted sentiment, we understand that there are many instances in aircraft maintenance and repair that require durable, and reliable tape that remains adhered even in intense conditions. 

The tape is not in place to stop the plane from falling apart in the sky while flying over your home state, of course, but to act as a temporary second layer of protection for non-critical components of the aircraft until repairs can be made at a later time.

Sometimes, situations arise when one needs a thermally insulated roll of tape in order to secure aircraft wires and cables, and in this example, duct tape will in fact not improve the issue, which is why we include Ideal polyester tape in our extensive inventory of aircraft quality tapes and adhesives. 

Polyester Tape is Strong While Maintaining Minimal Thickness

As opposed to other aircraft quality tapes that are in our website’s inventory, Ideal tape is a relatively thin, clear tape made of thermally insulated polyester film. Despite the tape’s thinness, the product has the potential to secure heavy aircraft components with ease.

Applicable Uses in the Aerospace Industry

With the thermally insulated polyester film tape and tensile strength of 50 lbs per inch, Ideal tape is capable of taking on many aircraft maintenance issues, including:

  • Composite bonding

  • Securing electrical wires in place

  • Holding down non-critical components at high temperatures

  • Temporarily repair leaks

  • Repair minor cosmetic damage to the plane’s outer body

Where to Purchase Ideal Polyester Tape

Jaco Aerospace takes great pride in the products that we create for the construction, maintenance, and repair of aircraft. Ideal polyester tape is another product that we are glad to have available for our clients, as we, ourselves, see the value and security that it is able to contribute to your aircraft maintenance needs. 

Ideal polyester tape is available for purchase on our product website, along with a broad selection of other industrial-grade aircraft tapes to cover a variety of issues. Jaco Aerospace offers a one-stop solution to any issue that may arise while maintaining and repairing aircraft, so please do not hesitate to peruse our website’s vast inventory. 

Email Jaco Aerospace at [email protected] or call us at (626) 855-2870 to learn more about our products and services.

Ideal Tape, part of American Biltrite Inc.’s tape products division, has an extensive range of products that are critical to the composite bonding of aircraft and are used every day by both maintenance workers and manufacturers in the aerospace industry. These products are used to deliver high-performance solutions in both room-temperature and autoclave applications for the aerospace industry. Ideal Tape produces tapes that are perfectly suited for surface protection as well as aircraft component refurbishment and repair.

Ideal Tape products are also well-suited for high-temperature masking. Painting an aircraft is not as simple as it seems: Hatches, windows, and other parts of the aircraft have to be protected during the painting and stripping process. But this process is made simpler with Ideal Tape’s solvent-resistant products, which can provide reliable protection for aircraft parts as paintwork is performed.

As the name indicates, Ideal tapes are an ideal choice for many tasks, as they deliver both high performance and remarkable durability. Ideal Tape makes products that help with many aspects of aircraft maintenance, including tapes specifically designed to create secure seams in airplane air-conditioning systems. Ideal tapes are also suitable for use in aircraft duct and air-handling systems. Ideal Tape also makes tape products to serve a host of other maintenance and manufacturing needs in large and small jetliner galleys.

If you’re looking for the ideal solution to your aviation supply needs, you need to look no further than Jaco Aerospace. We are a qualified distributor of the full line of Ideal Tape products, and we also carry just about anything else you could possibly need to buy to manufacture or maintain commercial aircraft, from raw materials like metals and plastics to necessary chemicals. The military trusts us to provide low prices and fast, helpful customer service, and so do major aerospace companies like Lockheed Martin, Boeing, and Airbus. They know that we offer lightning-fast shipping as well as the fastest turnaround on quotes in the industry, and when you make your purchase with us, you’ll soon join the ranks of our many satisfied customers. Contact us today by phone or online to get started!

JACO Aerospace Products
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