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Huntsman Aerospace Adhesive Products: Types and Applications 

For over five decades, Huntsman Corporation has been a leading player in innovation for a variety of markets. From polyurethanes, advanced materials, to performance products and textile effects, the company encompasses a diverse collection of commodities. 

Also a long-time supplier of aircraft construction, maintenance, and repair products, Huntsman Corporation has developed a reputation as one of the most trusted producers of industrial adhesives in their market sector. 

Likewise, Jaco Aerospace is proud to have created a network of loyal clients who trust our company to distribute the highest quality aircraft materials available. We believe that the products made by Huntsman Corporation meet our standard of quality, durability, and applicability, and so we have inventoried an extensive range of their multi-use adhesives. 

Jaco Aerospace Carries a Variety of Huntsman Products

When dealing with aircraft maintenance, utilizing the best adhesives available is very important to not only the continued proper functioning of the aircraft but also the safety of those flying. Thus, Jaco Aerospace carries every type and quantity of Huntsman Corporation’s aircraft adhesives, so that you will not have to look any further to find the products that you need for everyday maintenance and repair. 

Our inventory includes the following types of Huntsman Corporation adhesives:

  • Araldite epoxy/structural adhesives

  • Araldite epoxy paste

  • Epibond epoxy/flame resistant adhesives

  • Epocast epoxy paste/adhesives

  • Epocast hardener adhesive

  • Uralane adhesives

All types of adhesives are available in your preferred quantity.  

Applicable uses of Huntsman Adhesives

For the engineer conducting aircraft maintenance and repair, Huntsman Corporation has an adhesive for any situation that may arise, such as:

  • Aerospace applications requiring flame retardant properties

  • Bonding of metals, ceramics, glass, rubbers, wood products, and rigid plastics

  • Bonding of electrical components, GRP structures, and other items with higher temperatures

  • Reinforcing high-stress areas in honeycomb structures

  • Gap-filling and vertical surface applications 

  • Making structural joints on metals composites and other substrates

  • Adding stiffness and strength to helicopter rotor blades

  • Core splicing 

  • Strengthening corners of reinforced plastic structures

Of course, this is only a small portion of the possible uses of Huntsman Corporation’s adhesives, as their applicability extends to all areas of aircraft construction, maintenance, and repair. 

Where to Purchase our Products

Jaco Aerospace carries a full selection of Huntsman Corporation’s epoxy and non-epoxy adhesives on our product website. 

Email Jaco Aerospace at [email protected] or call us at (626) 855-2870 to learn more about our products and services.

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