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Preventing Corrosion in Aircraft with 

When looking at an aircraft, one often does not realize all of the critically essential components that enable it to take off and ascend from Earth’s surface. However, we here at Jaco Aerospace understand that every individual part, from the smallest bolt to the massive structure of the aircraft itself, is important and deserves the highest level of craftsmanship and application. 

With Hentzen’s unique formula of aircraft paint, we continue to show our commitment to quality by providing your airliner with a material that will prevent corrosion and look great while doing so. 

Causes of Aircraft Corrosion

While sitting in the passenger cabin of an airliner, one is unaware of the intense conditions and the damages that can result that takes place just beyond the airplane window. But, in reality, the body and engine of an aircraft are subjected to conditions that can lead to a buildup of foreign materials and result in corrosion. 

If left untreated or if treated with coatings that do not provide adequate protection, the corrosion can eventually break down the metals that make up the body and engine of the plane, leading to dangerous flight scenarios and expensive repairs. 

Causes of aircraft corrosion include:

  • Dust
  • Oil
  • Fumes
  • Acids
  • Cleaning solutions 
  • Other pollutants


Typical Aerospace Coatings do not Compare to Hentzen

By choosing Hentzen, you are making the best decision to promote the security and longevity of your aircraft’s most critical components. While there are many other types of aircraft paints, Hentzen is superior in quality and performance, and this can be seen in the extensive testing conducted on the paint’s formula. 

Before being distributed, every order of Hentzen paint is tested to OEM specifications and AS9100 standards, guaranteeing that the paint, and the application will be ready to take on mother nature’s most inhospitable conditions 42,000 feet up. (Hentzen)

Available Products and How to Inquire

Painting an aircraft with Hentzen coatings will ensure all parts exposed to harsh conditions remain corrosion-free and in working order. With continued application, your aircraft will withstand for decades to come. 

Our full selection of Hentzen coatings can be found on our website. Jaco Aerospace strives to offer the best aircraft paints and other products. Customer satisfaction is our guarantee.

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