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Anyone and everyone has heard of Scotch tape. There are others, that may have heard of Scotch Weld tape. Those in the industrial world will have heard of Dual-Lock and VHB tape. 

But do you know what all of these leading brands of tape have in common?

They are all manufactured by 3M. That is correct. There is barely a home, business, or factory that does not benefit from the high-quality functions of tapes made by 3M. From the very basic gift wrapping at the home to the high-powered and high-paced world of industrial manufacturing, 3M has a tape solution for all your adhesive tape needs.

Jaco Aerospace and Industrial is an authorized 3M Tapes distributor, let one of Jaco’s knowledgeable staff members help you navigate the vast 3M tapes range.

The 3M Scotch Tape Range

The 3M Scotch tape range includes high-durability tapes for many different applications. This range includes, box sealant tape, filament and strapping tapes, and specialty tapping tapes. From the medical industry to the shipping industry, there is a 3M Scotch tape to match your needs.

By selecting the right box sealant tape, you can rest assured that all your shipping and boxes are sealed with a tape that can withstand the extreme weather conditions and sometimes less than proper handling when being delivered.

Reduce your workload by strapping together even the toughest items with 3M Scotch filament and strapping tapes. By using these tapes correctly, you can severely cut down on workplace injuries and increase productivity.

If you have a package design that looks fantastic, then choose the correct 3M Scotch specialty packaging tape to add seamless pizzazz and flair to your product.

A Jaco Aerospace and Industrial staff member is the best equipped to answer all your 3M Tapes needs queries. Jaco Aerospace and Industrial is a proud authorized distributor of all 3M Industrial products including the extensive 3M Tapes range.