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Saint Gobain Pressure Sensitive Tape: Aircraft Applications

Pressure-sensitive tape is an adhesive tape that will stick to a surface with the application of pressure. No additional solvents or heat is needed for activation. The pressure-sensitive tape was developed by surgeon Dr. Horance Day in 1845.

Pressure-sensitive tapes are used in everyday life to seal packages, post things on walls and other services, repair broken objects, and have countless other uses. What a lot of people don't know is that pressure-sensitive tape has many aerospace industrial applications. Many different types of pressure-sensitive tapes are used in aerospace manufacturing, maintenance, and repair. 

Some of the many types of pressure-sensitive tapes used by aerospace manufacturers include:

  • Cargo pit tapes 

  • Paint masking tapes

  • Foil tapes

  • Lacing tapes

  • Velcro tapes

  • Foam tapes

  • Silicon tapes

  • Decal tapes

  • Teflon tapes

  • Plasma spray tapes

  • Speed tapes

  • Double-coated tapes

Saint Gobain Aerospace Grade Pressure-Sensitive Tapes

Saint Gobain is one of the world's leading manufacturers of aerospace-grade pressure-sensitive tapes. Their pressure-sensitive tapes are used in a wide range of aerospace applications. Saint Gobain's pressure-sensitive tapes are manufactured to meet the regulatory and specification requirements of the FAA, UL, the military, and NASA. 

They're so popular with aerospace companies because of their ability to remain fastened to a surface even under extreme temperatures, flame-resistant properties, exceptional dielectric strength, superior adhesion, and clean peel removability.

Saint Gobain aerospace pressure tape applications include:

Aircraft interiors - fire-resistant adhesive tapes are used to secure carpet or non-textile flooring (NTF) and protect composite flooring panels against moisture penetration and damage/corrosion.

Masking - for stripping and painting

Aircraft gasketing, insulation and sealing - this includes environmental seals to protect against moisture & dust, thermal insulation, aircraft floor cushioning, and electronic gasketing in aircraft instrumentation.

Thermal spray - thermal spray coatings are used to provide protection and enhance the temperature resistance of critical aircraft components such as jet engines, nozzles, or blades. The high-temperature adhesive used on these products ensures good holding power. Saint-Gobain's thermal spray tapes include multi-layer tapes, glass cloth, silicone rubber-coated glass cloth, and foil tapes.

Composite molding - composite molding is used to fabricate high strength/weight ratio aerospace parts from high strength fibers for aircraft, spacecraft, and missiles. During this process, the mold is lined with tapes to aid in the manufacturing process.

Wire harness wrap insulation - used to wrap and insulate the cables used to transmit power aboard aircraft.

Jaco Aerospace is Your Source for Aircraft Grade Pressure Sensitive Tapes

Jaco Aerospace offers a wide array of pressure-sensitive aircraft tapes and supplies from Saint Gobain and other manufacturers. Contact us through our website or call us at (626) 855-2870 to find out more.

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