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PCA Hose Sections

The use of pre conditioned air (PCA) flat hose can really impact passenger comfort and perception, and that has never been more important. With fuel prices, aircraft engine maintenance and environmental issues all on the front burner, PCA products can be a very effective counter measure.

Never before have there been as many different type of aircraft and such strict time constraints placed upon ground support crews.

Elbows, Y-sections and conversion units should be frequently used components of a pre conditioned air (PCA) flat hose inventory. Just one kink or restriction in air flow can reduce the capacity of the entire PCA system. We offer hose cuff options that mate with most other PCA products. 

Elbow Section for PCA Flat Hose and Rigid Hose

  • 45 and 90 degree Elbow Sections
  • Eliminate kinks
  • Adds Flexibility to duct line length

PCA Hose

Elbows are especially effective for eliminating kinks and building in overall length flexibility of the Pre Conditioned Air (PCA) Flat Hose assembly, when arranged in an elongated Zig-Zag pattern.

We see elbow units in a greater percentage of Airline carriers' PCA Products inventories than even a few years ago.

45 DEGREE SECTION : $98.00

90 DEGREE SECTION : $119.00


"Y" Section for PCA Flat Hose and Rigid Hose

  • Dual or Triple outlet
  • In various diameters

PCA Hose Y Section



Starter Section / Conversion Unit for PCA Flat Hose and Rigid Hose

  • Easier hook up / disconnect
  • Custom cuff configurations to couple Hoses with different cuffs, also available with Clamp Cuff on inlet end and Velcro cuff on outlet end.

PCA Hose - Starter Section



Dampers for PCA Flat Hose and Rigid Hose

  • 8" to 14" Diameters
  • Any Cuff Combination - Length
  • Easily adjusted Airflow

PCA Hose Dampers

Damper: $320.00