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Engineers and project coordinators know that some jobs seem so tough that the right product for the job seems impossible to find. That is why some engineers in the aerospace field and other industries find themselves custom-making tapes and adhesives. But that’s not necessary if you know where to look for what you need. For the most unique projects, it is wise to trust the 60-year experience of the Lamart Corporation. Lamart is an expert in custom coating and lamination of flexible substrates, including films, scrims, foils, foams, and fabric. Materials from Lamart Corp. are well-known for their performance in aviation and other sectors.

Lamart also works hard to create new products, constantly researching and developing new capabilities to make the highest-quality adhesive solutions. The innovation of the Lamart Corporation continually produces custom-designed tapes and laminates for a multitude of applications.

Users of Lamart products are loyal to them because they are known for quality, and in addition, Lamart tapes are easy to apply, so using them can shave hours off of project times. Any project coordinator knows that time is money, and the ease of using Lamart tapes can save both.

Lamart Corp. is a market leader, and their products include:

  • Pressure-sensitive tapes
  • Thin-foil and film laminates
  • Noise- and vibration-dampening tapes
  • High-temperature and heat-reflective tapes
  • Paint-stripping tape
  • Covering film tape
  • Scrim reinforced films
  • Insulation covering films

Jaco Aerospace is an authorized reseller and distributor of the Lamart range of products, and we would be happy to help you find which Lamart Corporation product would best suit your needs. Our customer service staff works closely with project managers and coordinators every day to help them purchase the materials that they need, from aircraft maintenance supplies and chemicals to raw materials to industrial adhesive products from Lamart Corp. Once you place your order, we can have it delivered as soon as the next day, whether you’re located down the block from our headquarters or on the other side of the world! Contact us today to get started.