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Kapton Tape Products

Kapton tapes are the standard-bearer for tapes and adhesives that are supremely durable, mainly when used for materials and products that will undergo extreme temperatures. Kapton tapes can perform well in conditions as hot as 500 degrees Fahrenheit and requirements as cold as -452 degrees Fahrenheit. This makes Kapton tape products the tapes and adhesives of choice in aviation and many other industries where extreme temperatures are a reality.

The Kapton range of tapes is also broad and, more importantly, versatile. Fields such as the automotive and aerospace industries benefit from unique tape solutions that meet these sectors' rigorous needs and safety standards. These industries buy Kapton tape and adhesive supplies because they can stand up to the strictest standards without sacrificing performance.

Blue Masking Tape

Kapton blue masking tape is also known as anodizing tape and can be used under extreme temperatures. One of the most popular features of this particular tape is that it can be removed safely and cleanly without leaving behind any unwanted residue. The Kapton adhesive on this tape is specifically designed for easy cleanup wherever it is used, including in aircraft and automobiles, and it will not damage the surfaces where it is applied.

Low-Static Kapton Tapes

These tapes have a special ESD additive to reduce static charge significantly. This makes Kapton tape perfect for use in transformers, motors, and solar panels. They’re even suitable for applications such as protecting circuit board components as they are being worked on, which is why so many people seek out Kapton tape suppliers every day.

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