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Intertape Aerospace Tapes

Intertape manufactures some of the best tapes for various commercial and industrial applications.

Masking Tape

Intertape masking tape is designed and engineered for the highest performance and superior durability for many different service and manufacturing tasks.

Due to its high strength, Intertape masking tape is frequently preferred by professionals in the painting and packaging industries, but it is also the benchmark product in transportation. In addition, many people purchase Intertape masking tape because it is also superb for splicing, bundling, paint masking, and other light-duty applications.

Hot-Melt Carton-Sealing Tape

Whether you apply Intertape’s hot-melt carton-sealing tapes manually or automatically, the tape has excellent processing performance. The wide range of Intertape products offers packaging solution manufacturers a wide degree of flexibility. Some of the features that make this one of the best carton-sealing tapes available include:

  • Superior adhesion properties
  • Superior holding force
  • Superior tensile strength
  • Easy unwinding

These benefits ensure consistent, reliable seals on numerous linerboard and corrugated boxes.

Duct Tape

Intertape also has an extensive range of duct tape products and materials, including a comprehensive line of cloth tapes to satisfy even the most demanding requirements and industry standards. Whether you are looking for utility-grade or premium-grade HVAC duct tape, our Intertape duct tape products will meet those standards. Intertape selects only the best materials to ensure that Intertape duct tape meets or exceeds the highest industry quality standards and benchmarks. You are not getting an ordinary product when you choose Intertape duct tape; rather, you are getting a long-lasting product that performs well in a wide variety of circumstances.

Whether you are in the aviation field or need tape for any other use, Intertape has a product that’s right for you. In fact, their selection is so large that it can be a bit intimidating to some, but don’t worry: At Jaco Aerospace, our customer service experts can help both professionals and homeowners find the right Intertape product for their needs. Contact us today, and let us help you get started with your order!