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How Chicopee Aerospace Wipes Are Superior to Regular Wipes

Cleaning wipes are used in everyday life to clean and sanitize various surfaces around the home and office. They're also used in many industrial settings as well. Unlike the ones formulated for home use, industrial cleaning wipes and sanitizing wipes have to be able to thoroughly clean a dirty or contaminated surface or part without causing damage.

Keeping an aircraft clean is important to its safe and efficient operation. Buildups of dirt, grime, and other contaminants can affect the performance and useful lifespan of aircraft parts. The interiors need to be clean as well, to protect the health and safety of crew and passengers.

Chicopee Cleaning Wipes

Cleaning wipes provide a safe, effective, and inexpensive means to keep aircraft components, operating systems, and interior cabins clean of dust, dirt, and other unwanted materials. One of the leading producers of industrial cleaning and sanitizing wipes is a company called Chicopee. 

The Chicopee brand has been around for a while. They've been a pioneer in developing cleaning wipes and clothes, since 1873, including the invention of the J-Cloth® in the 1970s.

So, how are Chicopee wipes superior to regular wipes for use in aerospace applications? Here are some of the reasons why Chicopee wipes are used by so many aerospace companies:

  • Chicopee cleaning wipes can be used with a wide range of cleaning agents,

  • They're stronger and more long-lasting than regular wipes,

  • Anti-static properties to protect parts,

  • Silicone free to avoid contamination of surfaces,

  • Single or multi-use wipes are available,

  • Soft and delicate enough to clean any surface without damage, and

  • Excellent for wet or dry pick-up.

  • Designed to prevent the spread of lint and dust during wiping

Chicopee recently introduced the VeraClean line of cleaning wipe products specially designed for the high demands of the aerospace industry. These wipes are made from AMS & BMS-approved fabrics and are certified for use in the aerospace industry.

Chicopee Cleaning Wipes From Jaco Aerospace

Jaco Aerospace provides a wide range of Chicopee cleaning wipes suitable for use in aircraft manufacturing, maintenance, and repair. We have whatever you need to keep your operations safe, clean, and running as smoothly as possible. We've been a major supplier of aircraft-grade raw materials, maintenance supplies, chemicals, consumables, and other aircraft products since 1971.

To find out more about Jaco Aerospace's Chicopee cleaning wipes and other aerospace cleaning supplies, contact us through our website or call us at (626) 855-2870 to learn more about Patco and Polyken tape and adhesive products.

JACO Aerospace Products
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