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Uses and Features for Aircraft Manufacturing 

In the United States alone, over a million aircraft passengers fly over our heads daily. While flying, individuals often do not notice the many components that go into the plane’s ability to safely leave the Earth’s surface, propel through the air at high speeds, and then descend and land on the runway. 

To achieve a successful flight and maximize passenger safety, thousands of different parts must be able to work in perfect harmony. 

A small example of extreme importance is properly sealing all components during aircraft construction. Imagine being 40,000 feet up and suddenly hearing a high-pitched whistling sound from the aircraft’s window. Such an occurrence would cause panic within the passenger cabin and damage the airliner’s reputation.

Therefore, utilizing the best sealants when manufacturing an aircraft is crucial. Of course, Jaco Aerospace only carries the highest quality aircraft maintenance brands and sealants, and we believe that AC-Tech Sealants is the way to ensure the best possible results during aircraft construction. 

Why AC-Tech Sealant is Important for Aircraft 

Due to the intense pressure that an aircraft experiences while in flight, every component must be adequately sealed with high-quality sealants that will withstand the force.

Examples of areas on an aircraft requiring sealant are the windows, the engine and fuel lines, and all door openings and small gaps between equipment that lead to the outside. 

Every part of an aircraft should be completely airtight, so sealants are crucial in everyday flight.

Applicable Uses of AC-Tech Sealants in the Aerospace Industry

Every gap and crevice in an aircraft’s structure must have sealant applied. 

Aircraft sealant uses are infinite, but the most notable include:

  • Sealing doors, other outer openings to the aircraft, and windows
  • Preventing the leakage of air
  • Creating watertight barriers
  • Preventing the spread of fires
  • Securing engine components and fuel lines 
  • Preventing corrosion

Where to Purchase AC-Tech Sealants

Safe and efficient flights are crucial to the continuing success of your airliner, and Jaco Aerospace believes that using AC-Tech Sealants guarantees a better experience.

AC-Tech Sealants’ complete list of aerospace products can be viewed and purchased on our website.

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