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SLICE Model 142-P Cutting System with Heat Shrink Tubing | Jaco Aerospace

SLICE Model 142-P

Slice ModelSLICE Model 142-P Air operated, automated measuring and cutting system. Capability of cutting a wide variety of materials such as, heat shrink tubing, convoluted tubing (Split or Non-Splict) , rubber hose, braided bus, spiral wrap, to multi-conductor cable and can pull tubing directly from a Gaylord. Plus has a unique sensor system for cutting up to 4 ft. sticks of adhesive-lined tubing with a minimum of waste. 

Model 142-P Standard Features:

Precision Engineered and machined with State of the Art CNC Machining.
•    Aluminum, stainless steel and hardened tool steel construction.
•    Adjustable cutting speed from 1”-30” per second.
•    Easy loading method with adjustable guides.
•    Adjustable drive tension with three drive wheels and one tracing wheel to enhance pulling action.
•    Adjustable chute opening.
•    User friendly touch controls with numeric keypad and easy to read LCD readout.
•    Up to 99 stored standard programs with up to 30 additional “batch programs”. 
each “batch” program can contain up to 10 standard programs with or without
pause cycle initiated.
•    Measures and cuts in your choice of inches or millimeters.
•    Accuracy is within plus or minus 1.0 millimeter
•    All air filters and regulators are included. 
•    Input aperture 1.5” x 3”.


•    “2 handed operation” requires operator to simultaneously press each button,
located (1) one each side of machine to activate operation.              
•    (1) One large red “Emergency Stop” switch located at top of unit, that when pressed stops all action.
•    Plexiglas safety shield, held magnetically in place covers the keyboard to prevent unintended activation.

Power & Air Requirements: 
115/230 volts at 50/60-hertz single phase and air pressure to maintain @ 80 psi 

System Size:  19”High x 15” Long x 16”Wide                                      
Unit Weight:  55  LBS.                                                             
Every model carries the same one year warranty on electronics and mechanical elements (exclusive of blades or poly-wheels) or million cuts, whichever comes first.