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Who is Huntsman, and What do Their Products Do To Help?

Huntsman is a long-trusted aerospace company that provides various services to suit all airplane construction, maintenance, and repair needs. Having been in business in the aerospace and military defense sectors for over 50 years, Huntsman has developed a reputation as a reliable, trustworthy company that produces quality materials with excellent results. 

At Jaco Aerospace, we ensure that every product in our inventory meets our high durability, applicability, and quality standards. We highlight the benefits of incorporating Huntsman’s aerospace chemical products into your airliner’s maintenance and repair routine.

Applicable Uses in the Aerospace Industry

In the aerospace industry, various chemicals treat many different aircraft components. As the aircraft soars through the sky at high speeds, it experiences constant battering from the intense flight conditions. These conditions include high winds, debris build-up, chemical exposure, and corrosion. Certain chemicals are used to treat the areas and restore them to working order to slow the damage progression and repair the damage already done. There are many different application possibilities for Huntsman aerospace chemical products, including Composite Resin Systems, Laminating Systems for the Aerospace Industry, Thermoplastic Polyurethane Films, Void Fillers, Benzoxazine, Thermoset Resins, ANASOL CE Dyeing Systems for Wool.

These chemically based components can be applied to interior and exterior components of aircraft and are guaranteed to provide quality results.

Where to Buy Huntsman Products

Huntsman is a brand that has become synonymous with the aerospace industry. As proven by their work ethic and dedication to the satisfaction of their clients, the company is truly one of the best that the industry has to offer in terms of producing all components that one would need for aircraft construction, maintenance, and repair, all while never sacrificing quality. 

Jaco Aerospace is a proud supporter and supplier of all Huntsman products, including their chemical-based solutions to the wear and tear accompanying flight. If you are interested in improving your aircraft with the highest quality of materials, then please do not hesitate to browse our extensive selection of Huntsman products on our company website. 

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