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High Peel Strength Adhesives

The aerospace industry utilizes many different types of adhesives for a variety of purposes. Whether it be fastening wires in place within the engine, or bonding interior components together in the passenger cabin, adhesives are used in just about every aspect of aircraft construction, maintenance, and repair. 

However, some adhesives offer greater strength than others, in terms of holding aircraft components in place more securely. High peel strength adhesives are typically used when a greater hold is desired. Examples of situations that require a more secure adhesive include structural bonding and bonding unlike materials together.

Jaco Aerospace supplies high peel strength adhesives in our inventory, and we guarantee that all adhesives meet our standards of durability, applicability, and quality. 

Why Are High Peel Strength Adhesives Used in Aircraft Maintenance?

In order to achieve the greatest hold possible, builders of aircraft need strong, industrial-strength adhesives that are capable of providing maximum security to the aircraft components receiving application.

In such instances, high peel strength adhesives are used. “High peel strength” refers to an adhesive’s ability to resist the constant pull that is the result of the intense conditions that affect the aircraft while in flight. 

A high peel strength adhesive will be able to withstand even the highest pull forces, which is why it is important to incorporate these adhesives into an aircraft’s construction, maintenance, and repair routines. 

Applicable Uses in the Aerospace Industry

There are many uses of high peel strength adhesives in aviation, but the most prominent include:

  • Bonding metals to the aircraft’s interior honeycomb structure
  • Composite bonding
  • Bonding wood, plastic, and glass
  • Securing structural components
  • Creating air-tight seals within the aircraft
  • Securing large objects within the passenger cabin
  • Preventing oxidation and corrosion of metals
  • Securing wires and cables in high-temperature areas
  • Waterproofing

Where to Purchase High Peel Strength Adhesives

With infinite uses of adhesives in the aerospace industry, it is imperative that products such as high peel strength adhesives are available on the market. 

By incorporating these products into the construction, maintenance, and repair of your aircraft, you will be making a lasting investment into the life of the plane, as well as creating a safer, and more secure, experience for all passengers. 

Jaco Aerospace is proud to supply high peel strength adhesives in our extensive inventory of aerospace materials. Please do not hesitate to peruse our inventories on our product website.

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