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Aircraft Webbing

Jaco Aerospace has been supplying the Mil-Spec Ribbon and webbing needs of the Aerospace industry, Military and Airlines since 1971.


Jaco Aerospace has all of your aircraft webbing needs covered. We have a wide variety of aircraft webbing, suitable for any job you need to tackle. Our warehouse stocks nylon, polyester, Kevlar, nomex, polypropylene and glass webbing, all ready to ship to your hanger today.

We stock elastic aircraft webbing in all colors and sizes, making us the best resource for your aircraft supply needs. Military outfits and commercial airlines have used our Mil-Spec Ribbon and webbing since 1971, and continue to return to our company to order parts when they have a new job in front of them. Below is a list of all of the Mil-Spec Webbing that we currently have available. If you don’t see the exact item you need, please contact our sales staff and we will be happy to create a custom order for you today.

We are sure to have the webbing you need. Webbing Mil-Specs Available: 

Mil-Spec Webbing
MIL-T-2283E MIL-T-5608G MIL-W-5625K
MIL-T-5666D MIL-T-6134C MIL-T-8363B
MIL-W-9049D MIL-W-17337F MIL-W-21773
MIL-T-26089 MIL-W-27265E MIL-W-27657B
MIL-T-27736A MIL-T-43664B MIL-W-43668C
Polyester MIL-T-48260 MIL-R-87017B
Kevlar MIL-W-87127 MIL-T-87130
MIL-W-38282A MIL-T-38283A MIL-W-38328B
MIL-W-43685B MIL-T-43709B MIL-W-81116B
Polypropylene MIL-W-44049A  
Glass MIL-Y-1140H MIL-C-20079G
Mil-W-4088 (27265) Woven Web Mil-T-5038 Woven Tape MIL-W-5664
MIL-T-5038 MIL-T-43566 MIL-W-4088
MIL-W-5665 MIL-W-43668 MIL-W-17337
Cotton Elastic Webbing Nylon Elastic Webbing Polyester Elastic Webbing
Cotton Webbing Nylon Webbing Polyester Webbing
Mil Spec Ribbons    

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