7000021271 - 3M™ Lapping Film 262X, 1.0 Micron Roll, 3 in x 600 ft x 3 in ASO, 1/Case

Part Number: 00051111497555

3M™ Lapping Film 262X, 1.0 Micron Roll, 3 in x 600 ft x 3 in ASO, 1/Case

Price: $298.81
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Unit of Measure: RO
Minimum Order Qty: 1
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Manufacturer: 3M
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Features and Specifications
Inside-Outside Flow Configuration, effectively captures contaminants on the inside;Low unit-cost bags are collapsible for easy handling;Material has the ability to handle viscous fluids;Welded seams and thermally treated exterior surfaces for control of fiber migration;Manufacturing processes do not include the use of silicone or adhesives for greater purity of filtered media 3M™ Series NB Polypropylene & Polyester bag filters leverage 3M’s filtration experience and manufacturing expertise to provide cost effective solutions for applications where nominally rated bag filtration is appropriate. 3M Series NB bags are offered in Size #1 and #2 configurations in grades from 1 to 200 microns and fit into standard bag filter baskets and housings. Old 3M ID 7000021271
Color: Light Green
Master Shipper Gross Weight: 4.0000
Product ID: 262X
SKU Marketplace Product Description: Aluminum oxide mineral coated on 3 mil polyester film with a softer resin system, in grades 1.0 and 2.0 micron. Used in polishing fiber optics as well as precision lapping operations. Provides smooth surface on precision electronic parts.
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UPC Number (12 characters): 051111497555
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