Part Number: NRT8908-2OZ

Grease: NRT 8908, 57Gram

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Size: 57 GR
Unit of Measure: Tube
Minimum Order Qty: 1
Manufacturer: Krytox
Usually Ships: Typically Stock
Features and Specifications
DuPont™ Krytox® NRT 8908 is a special high-pressure oxygen paste for reactive gas service. It has excellent lubrication over a broad temperature range. Krytox® NRT 8908 is nonflammable and chemically inert. Krytox® allows extended lubrication intervals an
Oil: 143AA 1.1LB/.5KG Bottle (143AA-1-1LB)

Oil: 143AB 1.1LB/.5KG Bottle (143AB-1-1LB)

Oil: 143AC 1.1LB/.5KG Bottle (143AC-1-1LB)

Oil: 143AC 2KG Bottle (143AC-2KG)

Oil: 143AD 1.1LB/.5KG Bottle (143AD-1-1LB)

Oil: 143AZ 1.1LB/.5KG Bottle (143AZ-1-1LB)

Grease: 240AB 1.7LB/.8KG Crt, (240AB-1-7LB)

Grease: 240AB, 2OZ Tube Krytox (240AB-2OZ)

Grease: 240AB, 8OZ Tube Krytox (240AB-8OZ)

Dupont Krytox 240AC Grease - 2 OZ Tube - Mil-PRF-27617 Type III (240AC-2OZ)

Grease: 240AD, 2OZ Tube Krytox (240AD-2OZ)

Grease: 240AD 8OZ Tube (240AD-8OZ)

Grease: 240AZ 1.7LB/.8KG Crt (240AZ-1-7LB)

Grease: 240AZ, 2OZ Tube Krytox (240AZ-2OZ)

Grease: 240AZ, 8OZ Tube Krytox (240AZ-8OZ)

Grease: 250AC 1.1LB/.5KG (250AC-1-1LB)

Grease: 250AC 2OZ Tube (250AC-2OZ)

Grease: 250AC 8OZ Tube (250AC-8OZ)

Grease: 250AD 1.1LB/.5KG (250AD-1-1LB)

Grease: 250AD 8OZ Tube (250AD-8OZ)

Grease: 250AZ 1.1LB/.5KG (250AZ-1-1LB)

Grease: 250AZ 2OZ Tube (250AZ-2OZ)

Grease: 250AZ 8OZ Tube (250AZ-8OZ)

Grease: 283AB 1.1LB/.5KG (283AB-1-1LB)

Grease: 283AB 2OZ Tube (283AB-2OZ)

Grease: 283AB 8OZ Tube (283AB8OZ)

Grease: 283AC 1.1LB/.5KG (283AC-1-1LB)

Grease: 283AC 1.7LB/.8KG Crt (283AC-1-7LB)

Grease: 283AC 2OZ Tube (283AC-2OZ)

Grease: 283AC 8OZ Tube (283AC-8OZ)

Grease: 283AD 1.1LB Jar (283AD-1-1LB)

Grease: 283AD 2 OZ Tube (283AD-2OZ)

Grease: 283AZ 2OZ Tube (283AZ-2OZ)

Grease: 283AZ 8OZ Tube (283AZ-8OZ)

Grease: GPL 204 2OZ Tube (GPL-204-2OZ)

Grease: NRT 8908, 57Gram (NRT8908-2OZ)

Grease: Synthetic, High Temp, 2OZ, Dupont Krytox (XHT-BDX-2OZ)

Dupont Ty120Swhlg02500 Tyvek® Standard Collared Coverall - Large - Zipper Front (TY120SWHLG02500)

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