Part Number: BATCOX8401-14OZ

Grease X8401-2A 14 OZ Cartrid

Price: $42.11
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Size: 14 OZ
Unit of Measure: Cartridge
Minimum Order Qty: 1
Manufacturer: Misc. Chemicals
Usually Ships: Stock
Features and Specifications
Not knowing what a product does can make us rather tense. We need to relax, beca often a product's name gives away its purpose. Battenfeld Batco's X-8401 is a lithium surface sealing grease. Lithium grease, like all grease, is a surfactant, i.e. they reduce the tension and friction along surfaces. Lithium-based lubes work particularly well due to their high melting point.
Cleaner C6 Engine 1 Gallon (4072C1)

Marker Paint Blue (2GKT3)

Sachet Antistatic Wipe 1/1000 (ALGCR215)

Tape Gas Line Sealant Ptfe 3/4In x5 20 Anti-Seize A-A-58092 (4UK07)

Paint Enamel Green 4TH63 (7830-15OZ)

Adhesive Cyanoacrylate 1 OZ (PERMAB0ND910)

Polish Liquid Metal 950ML (LQ04530)

Adhesive Elastomer QT Stabond C148B (C148BQT)

Sealant Tape 1/8X1/2X25Ft Blk 40RL/CS (HCS2125)

Hyd Fluid Synthetic 4 OZ (AFS682-5-4-OZ)

Cleaner WaterLess 55GL Aero-Glide One Step (65301)

Description Cord Power Europe (10063)

Cloth Cotton 14Inx36In 4Ply 12RL/CS 100 Sheets/RL (HERMITEX300)

Paint Flat Black Aerosol 16 OZ Rustoleum 6Pk (21788-16OZ)

Cleaner Vinyl And Plastic (P80265)

Silikroil 10 OZ Aerosol (SILIKROIL-10OZ)

Protectant 16 OZ Twin Pack (WX02506TW)

Bllayut Fluid 12 OZ Dykem2 16 OZ CN (80000-12OZ)

Additive Jet Fuel 5GL Biocide Biobor Jf (BBPAIL01US)

Oil Penetrating (SILIKROIL-5GL)

Rejex 5 GL (61005)

Cleaner Degreaser 5GL Xhaust And Soot Remover (83005)


Solvent Body GL Acrysol (P20010)

Paralketone 1 Gallon (PARALKET0NEGL)

Solvent Body 5GL Acrysol (P20015)

Film Bagging Nylon 12Inx12In Precut Square Ft (HCS2510-024)

Patch Cargo Bay 4Inx4In (AF844)

Patch Cargo Bay 8Inx4In (AF848)

Patch Cargo Bay 8Inx8In (AF888)

Micro-Lube Oil 12 OZ Can (AVBLEND)

Kit Cargo Rep (AF400)

LW401R25P0 (LW401R25)

Remover Flux 12 OZ (94072)

Ball Polish And Buffing Flitz (PB101)

Polish Paste 150GM Flitz 5.29 OZ (BU03515)

Flashtape Adhesive/Poly Back 1Inx72Yd 36/CS (HCS2114-1)

Mirror Image SwirL Remover CS (DMI12)

Polish Paste 906GM Flitz 2LB (CA03518)

Polish Liquid Flitz 7.6 OZ 7.6 OZ/255Ml (LQ04587)

Coating Acrylic Red QT N389-2900 (N389-2900)

Mold Release Dry Film Aerosol Sprayon 12- OZ Net (S00311)

800002243 (RX11212)

Leaktec 8 OZ (372E-8OZ)

Cleaner GLass 16 OZ Rain-X Trigger Spray (800002250)

Dykem80000 (80000-16OZ)

Cleaner Pl 8 OZ Meguiars (M1708)

Polish Pl Clr 8 OZ Meguiars Mirror GLaze Detailer (M1808)

Compound Gasket 4 OZ Titeseal Non-Hardening (T55-04)

Tape Sealant 1/8Inx1/2Inx25Ft Gry 40RL/CS (HCS2125-02)

Lubricant Silicone 10 OZ TFL50 Wet Lube (60127)

Lub Pint (SAE-AMS-2518)

Plastilub3 14 OZ Tube (804137330)

Inhibitor Corrosion 11 OZ Crc Aviation 3-36 (10200)

Grease X8401-2A 14 OZ Cartrid (BATCOX8401-14OZ)

Sealant DPBS12 - 1/12 (PREP01)

De-Icer Al-5 55 Gallonlonon Al5-55GL (AVL-TKS-55)

Switch- Hermatically Sealed (6107)

Adhesive PT Refrigeration Required (PERMAB0ND200PT)

35LB (804137301)

Rejex 1 GL (61004)

Polish And Sealant Window 16 OZ W/Wipes (SP-PL16)

Compound Sealing 1LB Titeseal Light Weight (T20-66-1LB)

Putty Poly GLazing 30 OZ Evercoat W/Hardner (100416)

Phosphoric Acid Activator 33% 5GL Purogene (60018-33)

Paint Top Coat Cloud Whi GL FST8006 (346-65-786R)

Cleaner (TC100-55GL)

Powerfoam 18 OZ (PF12)

Lubricant Aerosol 12 OZ Tiolube (TIOLUBE-70)

Oil Penetrating 10 OZ Aerosol Aero Kroil (AEROKROIL-10OZ)

Oil Lubricating 13 OZ Spray Aero Kroil (AEROKROIL-13OZ)

Paint Safety Org Aerosol Rustoleum (5H899-16OZ)

Cleaner General Purpose Spray 19 OZ Net (S00880)

Sulflo Plastilube Moly 3 High-Temperature Grease - 14 OZ Cartridge (804136730)


Sealant Boot QT (PBS12)

Film Bagging 2Ml .002 Nylon 60Inx333Yd (HCS2101-04-60V)

Lubricant Aerosol 12 OZ Tiolon A20 12CS (TIOLON-A-20)

Adhesive Paste White H.Temp (SILCOSET152)

Remover Release Coating 35LB Amtex RC-21 (RC21-35LB)

4070-05 (4070-5)

Cleaner WaterLess 5GL Aero-GLide One Step (65305)

Compressor Wash (BB3100-5GL)

Compressor Wash 55GL (BB3100-55GL)

Cleaner 55GL Barsol (A2904-55GL)

TFL50Wet 1GL (60128)

Cleaner Engine Premixed 4 Per Skid (4070-30)

Cleaner Degreaser 1GL Xhaust And Soot Remover (83004)

Cleaner WateRLess 1GL Aero-Glide One Step (65304)

Cleaner 5-Gallon Pail (TC100-5GL)

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