Part Number: Polyken-627-20-BLK

Polyken 627-20 Shadowlastic Plus - Window & Door Flashing Tape - Black 4" x 100Ft

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Size: 4" x 100Ft
Unit of Measure: RL
Minimum Order Qty: 6
Manufacturer: Berry Plastics
Usually Ships: 3 business days
Features and Specifications
Applications - Used for flashing windows and door installations, corner board abutments, sidewall sheathing seams, and deck-to-wall joints. Suitable for sealing other detail areas against air and water penetration. Excellent bond to a variety of building materials including plywood, OSB, housewrap, concrete, and most metals.

Features & Benefits - Provides a strong and immediate adhesion even during extremely cold (Service temperature -35F to 200F). Formulated for conformability in both warm and cold weather temperatures. Excellent compatability with most sealants and caulking materials. Easy application - just peel and stick. Resists UV degradation for up to 3 years of direct exposure to sunlight.

Product Construction
Adhesive: Butyl Rubber
Backing: Woven Polyethylene

Special Conditions - Waterproof, Sound Damping, Cold Temperature, Permanent, Low VOC

Certifications - LEED - Contributes toward satisfying EA Credit 1 (Optimize Energy Performance)
LEED - Contributes toward satisfying EQ Credit 4.1 (Low Emitting Materials)
ASTM - E2112
Brand: Polyken
Color: Black
Tape Type: Shadowlastic Plus - Window & Door Flashing Tape
Units Per Case: 6
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